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Release notes - NOC360 - 24.06

New Feature

  • NOC-5552 Add Show Neighbors button to new circuit page

  • NOC-5554 Add support to disable/re-enable services in some legacy conditions

  • NOC-5770 Calix E7 - Positron support

  • NOC-5772 Ability to pull leases from Efficient IP SOLIDserver dhcp



  • NOC-5668 Clean up help dialogs

  • NOC-5795 Subscriber Page - Show Disabled Status

  • NOC-5796 Hide Comments Tile Maximize/Expand Overlay Icon

  • NOC-5804 Rephrase Instant View error when no IP

  • NOC-5805 Add ONT range length to sweep api

  • NOC-5828 AI Assistant - Home network analysis 

  • NOC-5877 Review - Poll Calix AXOS PON alarms

  • NOC - System Status Page Updates


Mobile App

  • Updated Login page 

  • Bug fixes



  • NOC-5567 Intelligence menu not working for some instances

  • NOC-5571 Capacity Planning Report - Improve View Subscribers Load Times

  • NOC-5689 Make usage collection finish for IPv6 because in some cases it does not

  • NOC-5754 IP addresses overlay can show "null" values

  • NOC-5769 New Subscriber UI Issues

  • NOC-5773 Adtran PON alarms do not clear when polling TA5k

  • NOC-5793 Open in AOE button text overlaps

  • NOC-5806 Restyle subscriber page buttons

  • NOC-5835 Prevent Traps from adding DUMMY serials into tracked_onts

  • NOC-5838 track_onts.php not discovering all ONTs

  • NOC-5842 AOE deep link api bug

Release notes - NOC360 - 24.05

New Feature

  • NOC-4653 Process Traps for newly online Adtran GPON TA5k ONTs and insert into tracked_onts and display in ONT Status Report

  • NOC-4927 Process Traps for newly online Adtran AE TA5k ONTs and insert into tracked_onts and display in ONT Status Report 

  • NOC-5706 New Circuit Layout - Add "Clear DHCP Leases" functionality in supported cases

  • NOC-5727 Show the new circuit and subscriber page by default

  • NOC-5728 Broadband Search Deep Link Redirect to New Circuit Page

  • NOC-5731 Add configurable button that reboots ONTs (Supported today: Adtran TA5K GPON, Calix E7 GPON  - EXA, Calix E7 AE - EXA, Calix E7 DSL - EXA, Calix E7 GPON - AXOS

  • Calix E3 DSL, Calix E9, Calix B6 AE, Calix B6 GPON, Calix B6 DSL, Calix E5 (110, 111, 120, 121), ATI, Zhone MXK DSL) 


  • NOC-5654 Calix E9 - New Equipment


  • NOC-5541 Support Adtran multiport Indoor ONT

  • NOC-5744 Add Tooltips to new Circuit Page



  • NOC-5411 BNG needs disable access port plus ASR9K/RADIUS 

  • NOC-5523 Make ONT failure reporting compatible with auto activation

  • NOC-5589 Discovery for Calix E9 baseline support

  • NOC-5591 Speed Mismatch - Include ONT Serial

  • NOC-5593 Changelog overlay and design tweak

  • NOC-5596 Known Internet Outages Overlay

  • NOC-5606 Adtran MCP - use targeted API calls for our 'inspect' calls

  • NOC-5634 Update Known Internet Outages Box Title

  • NOC-5663 Site/Service Status Feature - Store Logos Locally

  • NOC-5681 AI Assistant improvements to data analyzation layer

  • NOC-5686 Slight Adjust Upsell score 

  • NOC-5710 Show disabled status on new circuit page

  • NOC-5719 Rewrite trapcollector to queue traps and split off the process 

  • NOC-5720 Update utility to take instance ID as argument

  • NOC-5751 AI Assistant improvements to data analyzation PON layer

  • NOC-5758 Remove "subscriber_other" from pursuit Subscriber pins

  • NOC-5768 Adjust the AND Logic operator for alarms on ONT Sweep map

  • NOC-5786 Update import_dhcp_statics to report results to System Status page

  • NOC-5791 Update MS DHCP inject script to handle static reservations



  • NOC-5557 DSL service display on new circuit page

  • NOC-5574 Use existing ticket tile for ticket tab information



  • NOC-5208 sql queries cannot be killed in some instances

  • NOC-5559 re-add billing info to subscriber page

  • NOC-5575 Static IPs Not Removed

  • NOC-5631 Handle Incorrect light levels for Adtran 3XX ONTs

  • NOC-5637 New Circuit page will not show active alarm if not snmp

  • NOC-5675 Calix Cloud Overlay Icon Scroll Issue

  • NOC-5691 Mobile App login problems

  • NOC-5694 "View In Sweep" doesn't work if Serial isn't all caps

  • NOC-5711 Import MCP sites fails if the chassis type is TA5K

  • NOC-5713 Low suffer scores omitted from suffer report

  • NOC-5715 Light Level Help - OLT Tx and OLT Rx Reversed

  • NOC-5736 ONT Status report not returning all results when Serial is empty

  • NOC-5757 Fix scrolling in Service Info tile and Control Click Subscriber

  • NOC-5761 Add Reboot button to new circuit page

  • NOC-5764 Adtran MCP - Reliably get the ethernet interface for a service

  • NOC-5767 Instant usage doesn't work if a learned IPv6 address ends with ::

Release notes - NOC360 - 24.04

New Feature

  • NOC-5592 Add color coding to the PON breakdowns based on number of ONTs in critical alarm

  • NOC-5614 Implement New design for new Subscriber Page

  • NOC-5684 New Layout Preview for Subscriber and Wired Broadband


  • NOC-5351 Huawei - Range length and up time

  • NOC-5540 Speed up SMX API calls on service page.


  • NOC-5497 E7 PON Capacity - Over 100% utilization

  • NOC-5573 Nokia alarms - process LAN LOS traps

  • NOC-5578 Implement Adtran MCP Port Status and Range Length

  • NOC-5586 Update import_new_service_ips and Import_service_ips scripts to allow importing CGN IPs

  • NOC-5587 Pursuit Cleanup Items

  • NOC-5588 Pursuit top level navigation/permissions

  • NOC-5594 Adtran MCP - improve token management and new site import speed

  • NOC-5621 Allow m2m to make ServiceCounts api call

  • NOC-5628 Update Ubiquoss class to honor the pre-discovered flag when importing circuits

  • NOC-5633 Rename ONT Failure Report to ONT Replacement Report

  • NOC-5639 Update DHCP inject to log to System Status page under the Import Process tab

  • NOC-5664 Send all usage STDERR messages to the log


  • NOC-5572 Remove the Calendar icons

  • NOC-5579 View in Sweep button triggers save on broadband edit page.

  • NOC-5648 Subscribers API call can become slower with a higher limit

  • NOC-5674 Calix SMx - updating speeds on provisioned customer

Release notes - NOC360 - 24.03

New Feature

  • NOC-5087 Develop light levels / ont status report api endpoint

  • NOC-5447 Huawei PON Sweep - MA5600



  • NOC-5403 Change adtran logo for SSO button

  • NOC-5428 Major Site Status Reduce API Calls

  • NOC-5479 Make OLT temperature on service page able to display Celsius

  • NOC-5482 Port Status detection not working for Adtran 5000 GPON module

  • NOC-5494 Gather and display Port Status for Calix E7 GPON AXOS/SMX

  • NOC-5524 IP listing inaccuracy in subscribers report

  • NOC-5525 Update restart DHCP script to take a CLI argument to email if there is an error



  • NOC-5504 Highlight AI Assistant



  • NOC-5047 fix suffer score on subscriber api

  • NOC-5326 Calix SMx API change - Open in SMX button not working

  • NOC-5457 Rename the site coordinate labels

  • NOC-5481 Calix E7 GPON light levels do not load for RSG Circuits

  • NOC-5519 Calix SMx with Calix Support Cloud not always reading cache

  • NOC-5560 ONT Failure Report total reports for entire instance (not company)

Release notes - NOC360 - 24.02

New Feature

  • NOC-5201 Huawei PON Sweep - MA5800

  • NOC-5278 Collect and Add the Ethernet Train rate to circuit page for Adtran GPON OLTs

  • NOC-5330 Collect and Add the Ethernet Train rate to circuit page for Calix GPON EXA OLTs

  • NOC-5377 AI Assistant - Fiber platforms

  • NOC-5432 Add comment and mst_tap to subscriber reporting api



  • NOC-5065 Calculate and cache suffer score values

  • NOC-5396 Huawei ONT Sweep - add MA5600 support

  • NOC-5405 Update SNMP trap collector to track source IPs

  • NOC-5467 Add SNMP trap source IPs to the system status page

  • NOC-5429 Site status improvements

  • NOC-4240 Geocoding enhancements

  • NOC-5413 Known Internet Outages Improvements 



  • NOC-5406 Update CalixAE_E7 Description Sanitization



  • NOC-5093 NISC API configs for billing trouble tickets is not company aware

  • NOC-5430 Subscriber class is throwing errors when setting the subscriber type when one wasn't set before

  • NOC-5458 Calix SNMP traps - Handle ONT ID Re-use

  • NOC-5456 - 'pop up' calendar re-work - Converted everything from cal.js to datepicker

Release notes - NOC360 - 24.01

New Feature

  • NOC-4562 Add Range Length to ONT status report and Circuit Page for Calix & Adtran

  • NOC-4809 Add PON Average usage to Service page

  • NOC-4837 Add Uptime and Range Length to Circuit Page for Calix & Adtran

  • NOC-5038 Create "Birth Certificate" for Fiber circuit

  • NOC-5152 Pull ticket history into NOC360 for NOC360 support cases

  • NOC-5198 Baseline Huawei OLT Integration

  • NOC-5199 Huawei OLT/ONT Light Levels

  • NOC-5200 Huawei ONT Sweep

  • NOC-5287 Backend - Incorporate Major Site Status to gather and cache the data

  • NOC-5339 Add "help" section to Light Levels



  • NOC-4265 Final items for improvements to traffic classification pre-deploy

  • NOC-5223 Ability to limit IP data retention

  • NOC-5293 Collect uptime and range length on ONTs

  • NOC-5294 Consolidate api calls on circuit page

  • NOC-5312 Huawei MA5600 GPON support

  • NOC-5320 Update Plume cache script to also search for the service by MAC address

  • NOC-5322 Update SmartRG class to properly search for account, serial, MAC, and IP

  • NOC-5323 Add more error reporting for import_AOE_sites to system status page

  • NOC-5324 Update import_CMS_sites to not count non-data cards in sites processed

  • NOC-5332 Update netflow sources script

  • NOC-5334 Huawei - Consolidate api calls on circuit page

  • NOC-5341 Update Ubiquiti wireless module to return the radio's MAC if no learned MACs found.

  • NOC-5343 Update Ubiquiti wireless module to check both br0 and br1 for learned MACs

  • NOC-5352 SNMP Trap processing can fail with "Error decoding json when processing trap list" if there are non-printable characters

  • NOC-5354 Wired Site dropdown sort order is incorrect

  • NOC-5374 Update Adtran AE module to support MDU ONTs



  • NOC-5049 Change password and standalone login pages need updating

  • NOC-5184 Scrollbar on IP Blocks section isn't visible in light mode

  • NOC-5296 Netflow collector update

  • NOC-5299 Adjust light level indicators to be more contrast between warning and critical

  • NOC-5318 Usage daily cache regression

  • NOC-5319 Usage Collection - enabling CGNAT breaks download usage collection for non-NATd IPs

  • NOC-5321 Instant view pie chart enhanced when CGNAT enabled

  • NOC-5325 Usage collection performance improvements with ipv6 enabled

  • NOC-5327 MACC API export doesn't handle more than one SO Equipment properly

  • NOC-5328 Sweep - track_onts is clearing alarms

  • NOC-5331 Instant view pie chart updated with ipv6 enabled

  • NOC-5337 MySQL class improperly setting local timezone if the timezone has a positive offset

  • NOC-5340 Some ASR9000 operations not compatible with IOS-XR 5.x

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.12

New Features

  • NOC-5189 Cable Modem Status Report

  • NOC-5240 Create Logic operator for alarms on ONT Sweep map



  • NOC-5213 Calix SMx API changes - Show Status

  • NOC-5251 Calix SMx API change - fix ONT reset

  • NOC-5253 Adtran MCP - Trouble determining the service type



  • NOC-5222 ONT Sweep - Calix AXOS -  Change battery alarms to minor/warning

  • NOC-5277 Update proxy system monitor script to skip the time check based on config setting

  • NOC-5304 Add IPv6 support to RadiusLite remote API module

  • NOC-5121 Optimize sweep re-poll operations



  • NOC-5155 Global search automated testing phase 2

  • NOC-5159 API User Analytics and Tracking



  • NOC-5250 PON Sweep Map generating JS errors when there aren't any GPS coordinates

  • NOC-5290 Dashboard - Service Count, sometimes hides labels

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.11

New Features

  • NOC-5063 Create API Endpoint for Customer circuit counts

  • NOC-5156 Cable Sweep Harmonics - Poll Alarms

  • NOC-5157 Cable Sweep - Harmonics- track cable modems script

  • NOC-5164 Adjust Adtran MCP/SDX to use newly available API for necessary data gathering

  • NOC-5183 Develop Cable Sweep UI


  • NOC-4410 Ability to force delete wired/wireless/cable site

  • NOC-5046 ONT Status report sql query optimization

  • NOC-5173 Add service comments field to Max Attainable DSL Report

  • NOC-5182 Collapse left menu when arrow is clicked

  • NOC-5190 Update update_cache_promote script to only process MSI instances

  • NOC-5203 Nokia 7360 module running out of telnet buffer

  • NOC-5206 Update scrub input to allow the '/' character in an account number

  • NOC-5209 Update import AOE sites to work with MCP 'xgs-pon' cards

  • NOC-5212 Nokia 7360 discovery timing out

  • NOC-5214 Update MACC API export script to export plant records as an array

  • NOC-5215 Update MACC API export script to export premise equipment

  • NOC-5220 Import SMx sites not always finding site IP address

  • NOC-5224 Update Arris CMTS module to work on non-standard Telnet and SSH ports

  • NOC-5181 Calix AE SNMP Traps Update

  • NOC-5204 Fix Plume Integration


  • NOC-5039 ONT Status report failing - 500 error in some cases

  • NOC-5083 Global Search site search filter 

  • NOC-5146 Instant view update fix

  • NOC-5150 Illegible Text in Light Mode

  • NOC-5166 NISC ticket creation not showing error message, just keeps spinning

  • NOC-5167 Fix alignment of some dashboard charts

  • NOC-5202 Nokia 7360 GPON discovery fails if the chassis doesn't support twenty-five-g

  • NOC-5207 Legacy Trouble Ticket Module - Performance problems

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.10

New Feature

  • NOC-5054 "View in Sweep" functionality added to the Circuit Page


  • NOC-4847 Adjust Show Status to be able to view T1 details when a T1 is present Calix E7

  • NOC-5079 Datatables - update to 1.13.6

  • NOC-5084 Nokia 7360 light levels

  • NOC-5102 Add SO equipment information to MACC export script

  • NOC-5103 Change ONT Sweep "Show in severe state for" text to be more clear

  • NOC-5128 IP History report to use service learned IPs


  • NOC-3711 Optimize closing service learned IPs

  • NOC-3783 Optimize lease handling Queries

  • NOC-4945 Prune tracked_pon_stats

  • NOC-5138 Create crontab check service ​


  • NOC-4807 Company Activity shows current user not selected one

  • NOC-4995 Fix Undefined menu item

  • NOC-5077 Change how the RO db is accessed

  • NOC-5081 Mailing Lists View/Edit members dark mode - unable to read text

  • NOC-5109 usage_raw_interval_stats - recreate_table() - handle if the table does not exist

  • NOC-5110 WebAPI - handle invalid json errors

  • NOC-5111 Nokia 7360 SNMP - queue re-poll for clear alarms as a last resort

  • NOC-5117 Proxy System Monitor crashes if the netflow sources config is empty

  • NOC-5119 CalixE7chassis - repoll is not getting active alarms

  • NOC-5144 Calix AE ONT serial number discover doesn't always work

  • NOC-5160 Calix E7 host key errors prevent connections

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.9

New Features

  • NOC-4926 Calix AE EXA ONT Sweep - trap collection development

  • NOC-4964 Create "Upsell Candidate" ranking on circuit page - backend 

  • NOC-4976 "Upsell Candidate" ranking on circuit page - frontend

  • NOC-5025 Utility to mass import Calix E7 sites using a list of IP addresses

  • NOC-5052 Create a way to remove Sweep repoll section for specific instance


  • NOC-3777 Add the ability to create a new ticket in NISC API from circuit page

  • NOC-4936 Implementation of SMx/AXOS PON LOS Traps

  • NOC-4996 Some UI alignment fixes

  • NOC-5004 track onts - Reestablish DB connection more efficiently

  • NOC-5020 add 4.4.4 mac support to search

  • NOC-5031 API performance improvements - p2

  • NOC-5043 Don't save SSH known host keys for Harmonics CMTS


  • NOC-5032 ONT status report - performance improvements

  • NOC-5044 ONT light levels updates (customized)


  • NOC-4952 Dark mode - hidden text

  • NOC-4968 Global search - ignoring apostrophes

  • NOC-4997 Update Adtran SDx status via the API

  • NOC-5009 Mac search for disabled subscribers

  • NOC-5012 Performance issues with subscriber reporting api - p1

  • NOC-5015 Expiremail fixes

  • NOC-5019 ONT Sweep - PON LOS can be saved to actual tracked ONT alarm

  • NOC-5026 Sweep - Show AE site pins

  • NOC-5030 ASR1000 is not completely deleting a service

  • NOC-5033 Sweep Adtran AE - Pins are not appearing as expected

  • NOC-5051 CGNAT still not showing down usage in all cases

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.8

New Features

  • ​NOC-4777 Start polling Calix PONs for Average usage/utilization

  • NOC-4734 Implement down OLT / PON detection in Sweep​


  • NOC-4192 ONT Status Report Improvements

  • NOC-4735 Adjust trap collector to update PON status

  • NOC-4849 Sweep - Provide full screen option

  • NOC-4865 Sweep - received alarms did not show as red on map

  • NOC-4887 Change background color for MSI instances

  • NOC-4889 Misc ui issues 2

  • NOC-4892 Adjust MSI button coloring to match Adtran Style Guide

  • NOC-4894 Adjust MSI alarm and chart colors

  • NOC-4911 Add ability to strip the domain name off of the username for DHCPatriot leases

  • NOC-4915 Add company id and company name to subscriber reporting api responses

  • NOC-4922 Add support for load balanced AOE

  • NOC-4929 Add Pending Actions menu item to Subscriber page

  • NOC-4960 Adtran Shaper - Modify how we are saving shapers to interfaces

  • NOC-4961 Automatically enable Adtran SSO button when an Adtran IDP is configured​


  • NOC-4913 Add html elements for Adtran

  • NOC-4925 Temporarily restore legacy search


  • NOC-4880 Launch page top level icon links don't work

  • NOC-4886 Get Source Sans Pro font working for MSI again

  • NOC-4901 Global maintenance notification not present in new UI

  • NOC-4903 Disable system status button for standalone installs

  • NOC-4912 fix white on white bug for legacy ticketing module

  • NOC-4917 Global Search IP fixes

  • NOC-4919 More global search IP and MAC fixes and dash

  • NOC-4920 Archive learned IPs

  • NOC-4921 Instance switcher compatibility issue with M1

  • NOC-4923 PPPoE ip history looks like DHCP history

  • NOC-4924 Adtran AE shaper didn't match on the interface

  • NOC-4943 js crash on some system status pages

  • NOC-4951 Treat SNMP traps and re-polled alarms differently. Re-poll alarm timestamps take precedence

  • NOC-4962 Accents in user's full name are rejected - JIT account creation fails

  • NOC-4965 Sweep trap collection can drop alarms during periods of heavy load

  • NOC-4967 Calix E7 GPON fails to add voice

  • NOC-4972 Import helper static_ip_string_from_service_statics doesn't work with some discovered data

  • NOC-4973 Calix E5-120 class calls incorrect remote API module

  • NOC-4986 Global Search - allow alphanumeric format for MAC address search

  • NOC-4991 ONT Status report help icon fix

  • NOC-4992 Hyperlink not correctly underlined

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.7

New Features

  • NOC-4622 A10 CGNat Ingress/Egress proper reflection in usage

  • NOC-4745 Geo API - Add MST/TAP

  • NOC-4870 Write CLI script to import wired site GPS coordinates

  • NOC-4891 New UI/UX - Initial rollout!!!


  • NOC-4413 Calix EXA AE support for ONT sweep.

  • NOC-4414 Add Radius Username to Revenue Leakage & Speed Mismatch Reports

  • NOC-4606 Sweep - PON Sweep can crash on a large number of ONTs

  • NOC-4732 Process for periodic pinging of wired sites to determine if they are up or down

  • NOC-4736 TLS - Ability to change speed

  • NOC-4785 New Global Search macro for RegID

  • NOC-4793 Add help dialogue for Intelligence Reports to individual report pages

  • NOC-4803 Adtran SDX - Add XGSPON support

  • NOC-4816 New Global Search macro for Plume Serial

  • NOC-4819 Allow macmap to save macs only. For Radius circuits without macs.

  • NOC-4820 Capacity Planning - Improve PON Capacity performance


  • NOC-4573 Global Search's instant results don't work for subscribers/services with one or two characters followed by a space

  • NOC-4618 Adtran TA5K GPON speed detection doesn't work with admin access

  • NOC-4630 Geo API response - everything in 'alert' state.

  • NOC-4769 Global search slow in some cases

  • NOC-4840 Geo API Error

  • NOC-4844 Serial Search macro

  • NOC-4846 API performance regression

  • NOC-4852 PRTel circuit management under user module not always showing management buttons

  • NOC-4856 Adtran TA5K AE ONT details call can fail on some ports

  • NOC-4862 Adding temporary forward to email in CommuniGate Pro fails

  • NOC-4864 MACC remote API list_subs is returning the first line of data on the header row


  • NOC-4775 Left Menu - Sub menu blocks - Domain Email​

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.6

New Feature

  • NOC-4706 Add "Show Circuit" functionality to ONT Status report - Calix AE / GPON

  • NOC-4726 Add PON Average usage to the Capacity Planning Report

  • NOC-4728 Add PON Average usage to PON Sweep

  • NOC-4729 Add PON Average usage to Historical PON Reports

  • NOC-4748 Ability to SCP Intelligence reports

  • NOC-4781 Expand "Columns" field in ONT Status report by default and minor cleanup


  • NOC-4813 Update import DHCP from MS script to support new file formats


  • NOC-4685 Harmonics CMTS - Show Status Basic - Simplify Output

  • NOC-4711 Update circuit counts to match everywhere


  • NOC-4586 Usage Report email column doesn't include the subscriber primary email address

  • NOC-4768 Telrad LTE discovery needs to check every ECP for data

  • NOC-4784 ONT Sweep doesn't clear alarms when catching snmp trap - hotfix

  • NOC-4789 Docker refresh dbs doesn't get the stored procedures

  • NOC-4804 Tab characters in the port description for Adtran TA5K GPON is causing the json decode to fail

  • NOC-4806 Raw traps not displaying if log roation isn't set up correctly on proxy

  • NOC-4808 poll_proxy.php updates and fixes

  • NOC-4810 not detecting traffic on some OS versions

  • NOC-4825 SMx import site isn't properly logging to the import process table

  • NOC-4838 Nokia 7360 API module is timing out before some commands finish

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.5


  • NOC-4518 Full Usage collection IPv6 Compatibility

  • NOC-4693 Add PON Capacity for E7 AXOS to circuit page

  • NOC-4694 Add TLS VLAN to service description on subscriber page

New Feature

  • NOC-4652 Add "Show Circuit" functionality to ONT Status report - Adtran TA5000 AE / GPON


  • NOC-4357 MAC / IP Discovery adjustments for Cisco BNG

  • NOC-4670 New Global search - remaining items

  • NOC-4731 Calix SMx BIP, light levels and other calls fail because reg ID passed is empty

  • NOC-4696 - Calix - Underscores in circuit descriptions break CMS search

  • NOC-4742 - Updated Calix Support Cloud quick link that was broken with Calix update

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.4

New Feature

  • NOC-4379 IP Audit Report - Report on Circuits without an IP

  • NOC-4621 Ability to re-poll ONT Sweep by OLT/site

  • NOC-4659 Link "other services" in circuit view to ONT Status Report if Service has an ONT


  • NOC-4422 MSI / M1 style incorporation


  • NOC-3826 Adtran SDX Support for Light Levels


  • NOC-4368 Improve SSO logging

  • NOC-4445 Global Search Macros - Phase 2 (internal testing)

  • NOC-4506 Rio IPv6 cache generation

  • NOC-4520 Rio instant view IPv6 Compatibility


  • NOC-4501 Ipv6 learned IPs do not stay active when they should

  • NOC-4507 Fix Smart RG Link Speed (Ethernet vs DSL)

  • NOC-4546 ONT Sweep - CSV export regression

  • NOC-4553 Strip invalid characters from Calix AXOS alarms. 

  • NOC-4571 Reset Button for some Calix AXOS services causes error

  • NOC-4596 Bandwidth Test Does not complete sometimes

  • NOC-4597 Fix okta email / username mismatch issue

  • NOC-4607 Log Notices

  • NOC-4619 API usage-stats call hangs when usage system isn't functional. 

  • NOC-4631 New global search - Fix IP searching

  • NOC-4644 SSO - Global Admin API calls fail on multi-company requests. 

  • NOC-4672 Proxy System Monitor not parsing system load averages properly

  • NOC-4678 Remove redundant usage purge for procera /sandvine usage systems

  • NOC-4683 SQL syntax error in wired broadband sites report

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.3

New Feature

  • NOC-3657 TLS Provisioning for E7 circuits (EXA)

  • NOC-4458 Implement Zhone PON Capacity - phase 2

  • NOC-4528 Add support for Adtran SDx 2221 devices

  • NOC-3826 Adtran SDX Support for Light Levels


  • NOC-4555 Update import_AOE_sites to import TA1108VP chassis

  • NOC-4569 Light Level Threshold updates

  • NOC-4473 Development of Update Calix SMx show status output


  • NOC-4487 Show Shaper output incorrect sometimes - Adtran TA5000 platform

  • NOC-4531 Clear Adtran alarms with multi alarm

  • NOC-4535 ONT sweep - Calix EXA issues

  • NOC-4572 MACC customer contact database pull is grabbing the wrong contact type field

  • NOC-4583 Fix Geo API notices

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.2

New Feature

  • NOC-4009 Rename "PON Capacity" to "Capacity Planning" and Track active alarms on a per Card basis

  • NOC-4111 Implement Zhone PON Capacity - phase 1

  • NOC-4136 Show most recent ONT Sweep alarms on dashboard

  • NOC-4188 PHP7 Indirect variable access compatibility

  • NOC-4301 Implement Calix ONT Sweep (EXA GPON)

  • NOC-4454 ONT tracking to store yesterday and last week BIP errors

  • NOC-4490 ONT Status report: Add ability to populate search using URL param


  • NOC-4190 PHP Fix misc incompatibility errors

  • NOC-4241 ONT Sweep - Move Show Sites button out of Show Advanced

  • NOC-4262 Promote API - Revenue Leakage report filtering update

  • NOC-4417 Communicate Multiple Alarms for ONT Sweep when present

  • NOC-4460 mib_definitions - alarm friendly_name can be more friendly by showing set and clear


  • NOC-4494 E7 EXA ONT Sweep - Alarm severity adjustments


  • NOC-4404 Calix Axos - track_ont able clear alarms

  • NOC-4472 Upgrade utility patch operation

  • NOC-4474 DHCP leases class, verify_remote_id call to find username if there is more than one lease

  • NOC-4504 Adtran TA5K GPON discover ONT details when non-printable characters

  • NOC-4527 Update Calix C7 port discovery

Release notes - NOC360 - 23.1

New Feature

  • NOC-4355 Add ONTs in Critical State to PON Capacity Report


  • NOC-4169 MFA Reporting

  • NOC-4201 Add 'package_type' to the Promote API packages response

  • NOC-4382 BIP errors help button on service screen - Add to 'edit' template

  • NOC-4440 SQL optimization for service search api call


  • NOC-4214  Refresh DBs - clear session on global refresh

  • NOC-4349 pma enhancements. 

  • NOC-4434  Migrate from internal DB


  • NOC-4064 ONTs should be removed if a new one comes up on its port.  (Adtran)

  • NOC-4325 Change raw usage cache purge process  - morning slowness fix. 

  • NOC-4391 Calix Axos - Display 'View Alarms' on service page and correct alarm raised/clear detection

  • NOC-4393 Import AOE sites not finding new SDx site type

  • NOC-4432 TA5000 ssh logins hang when user starts in enable mode

  • NOC-4433 Macc_api.class - Error log throws an error trying to log null.

  • NOC-4435 Fix database refresh auto increment problem

  • NOC-4438 Adtran SDx discovery not working with some port formats

  • NOC-4443 Count is incorrect for service search api call

  • NOC-4444 Dashboard - Top Users by Volume chart can show incorrect results for Yesterday filter

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.12

New Feature

  • NOC-4110 Implement Calix ONT Sweep (AXOS)


  • NOC-4063 Add 'date last seen' to ONT Status report

  • NOC-4121 ONT Status report: show OLT/PON

  • NOC-4169 MFA Reporting

  • NOC-4203 Geography API - return more fields 

  • NOC-4303 Make Harmonics CMTS ssh port configurable 

  • NOC-4323 MACC billing system class improvements


  • NOC-4322 UK instant view timezone issues

  • NOC-4324 Instant view - Improve throughput accuracy on long-lived flows (Juniper)

  • NOC-4335 Top Talkers (overall throughput) needs to only display for RIO

  • NOC-4356 Import AOE sites is not finding SDx sites with "deployed" status

  • NOC-4358 System status CLI script doesn't include debug class needed by some hardware device classes

  • NOC-4369 Updates to billing file dump utility

  • NOC-4375 Support Adtran Super Admin SSO in non-US cloud installs. 

  • NOC-4376 Out of service NISC USS devices are being displayed

  • NOC-4377 Instant view - long lived flows drop and restart after a few seconds

Mobile App

  • APP-  Fix issue with image upload

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.11

New Feature

  • NOC-4035 Create MST/TAP field on the circuit page

  • NOC-4046 Show Status to include Shaper rates

  • NOC-4059 Add hourly usage reporting to Open API

  • NOC-4266 Add MST/TAP field to the download CSV report on ONT Sweep map


  • NOC-4036 Add MST/TAP to the ONT Status report

  • NOC-4037 Add MST/TAP to the ONT Sweep dialogue for single customer

  • NOC-4174 Default Unmatched IP Report to prior day instead of month to date

  • NOC-4229 Add Harmonics CMTS clear command

  • NOC-4238 Add support for SDX ONT Tracking

  • NOC-4280 Add support for non-US addresses on the Subscriber


  • NOC-4178 Adtran SDX Support - Test baseline operations

  • NOC-4267 Work with integration team to populate MST/TAP where available


  • NOC-4060 Adtran AE Trap problem resolution when missing plant information

  • NOC-4143 Remove unnecessary class files from NOC360 sbin directory

  • NOC-4173 Create help section for Unmatched IPs Report

  • NOC-4226 Provisioned Speed on Service Page Is Not Human Readable

  • NOC-4228 Promote cache table update can fail with column out of bounds

  • NOC-4258 E7 DSL Service deletes cause fatal error

  • NOC-4277 Fatal on dashboard

  • NOC-4295 MySQL class not setting timezone properly if the server is in GMT zone

  • NOC-4302 Show suffer score decimal values in web view - make consistent with mobile app and api. 

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.10


  • NOC-4242 Promote API export - change usage columns to human readable.

  • NOC-4227 Update import service IPs from radius script to accept MAC addresses like 6031.97c4.ccbd

  • NOC-4183 Modify Zhone DSL modules to send bonded port info to API module so it doesn't have to look it up

  • NOC-4182 Modify Zhone SSH connections to wait for chassis to process logout

  • NOC-4119 Static IP Address History

  • NOC-4045 Add additional fields to the download CSV on the ONT Sweep map

New Features

  • NOC-3978 API Subscriber lookup by IP address

  • NOC-4014 BIP errors - Remaining Calix EXA items


  • NOC-4202 Fix typos in geography api spec

  • NOC-4200 Legacy API - Add company ID parameter to ServiceSearch

  • NOC-4194 Calix SMX not always discovering all ONTs if the ONT serial is not set in the base object

  • NOC-4176 Calix E7 AE discovery is truncating ONT FSAN improperly

  • NOC-4175 Calix E7 AE service discovery fails of there is more than 1 ONT management IP

  • NOC-4148 Allow clicking on Service Account on Subscriber Page


  • NOC-4127 API key updates

  • NOC-4057 Add new security schemes to Open API yaml specs

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.9


  • NOC-4126 BIP errors - Change history to be differential

New Features

  • NOC-4137 Add call to get DSL bonding group information for Calix B6 DSL module

  • NOC-4071 Add netflow ip ranges to status page

  • NOC-4070 Create internal endpoint for usage collection ip ranges

  • NOC-4005 BIP errors phase 1.5 - BIP error history on service page

  • NOC-4016 Support for native MFA - Phase 2


  • NOC-4144 Import available ONTs is truncating FSAN to 6 characters

  • NOC-4116 Calix E7 AE discovery function bug that breaks discovery in some cases

Mobile App

  • APP-59 Improve Throughput/Usage toggle obviousness

  • APP-39 Update Search to be more robust

  • APP-58 Add Peak/Average/Smart Average/Duration to mobile app

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.8


  • NOC-4105 Calix SMx new site wizard should not select any service type for the service templates

  • NOC-4101 NISC Local USS Support - Optionally allow self signed SSL

  • NOC-4098 Update SMTP2CSV to convert Excel spreadsheets to CSV data before saving

  • NOC-4094 Update update_rio_throughput to save usage data periodically instead of waiting until the end

  • NOC-4089 Make macmap script threaded

  • NOC-4085 Adjust WEB API2 geography call to be consistent with our Sweep

  • NOC-4073 Open in NISC USS Care Button - Allow for on-prem installs.

  • NOC-4000 Create Help Dialogue for Behavior Analysis Report

  • NOC-3974 Pursuit - Add site name, speed name, and device type to export file.

  • NOC-3810 Adtran AOE AE - Add support for gr303 voice provisioning

  • NOC-3519 Make plume interface work when network is in bridge mode

New Feature

  • NOC-4003 BIP errors phase 1- Display errors on service page


  • NOC-4086 Telrad LTE discover SIM not finding all information

  • NOC-4084 Update import helper SMx discovery to force ONT serials to uppercase

  • NOC-4056 Dashboard Top Talkers Chart - Company problem

  • NOC-3993 Light Level Display issue for AE

  • NOC-3992 Subscriber reporting api service address issues caused by multiple location entries

  • NOC-3989 PHP 7 Errors to fix

  • NOC-3941 Geography API - Return proper admin status and oper status for ONTs


  • NOC-4093 Add oper_status enum values to geography api

  • NOC-4047 Adtran Light Level Alarms - Remove 10 day 2db fluctuation warning rule

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.7

New Features

  • NOC-3936 Add subscriber email address as optional field to ONT Status report

  • NOC-3721 Split login to be multiple steps, to capture the email first


  • NOC-4029 Update Calix E7 AE discovery to try the CMS northbound interface several times before giving up

  • NOC-4025 Troubleshoot instance database assignment

  • NOC-3987 Add email address to subscriber reporting api

  • NOC-3940 Track ONT Admin Status and Oper Status Separately.

  • NOC-3927 Add subscriber account number to geography api

  • NOC-3736 PON Sweep for Calix AXOS E7 Platform

Bug Fixes

  • NOC-4027 Zhone MXK API modules could kill SSH connection to chassis if prompt is not received within 3 seconds

  • NOC-3997 qinq_pool->returnToPool method is called incorrectly when there are circuit setup errors

  • NOC-3994 Fix regression in web api json_response to allow strings.

  • NOC-3985 City / State / Zip address fields can be null in subscriber reporting API.

  • NOC-3917 Subscriber Reporting API WAN interface doesn't always exist


  • NOC-3968 Fix NISC USS in isolated conditions

  • NOC-3953 Alerts Clean Up

  • NOC-3913 Some ONT Sweep Animations broken

Release notes - NOC360 - 22.6


  • NOC-3946 Update Zhone MXP DSL and AE modules to support SSH and port discovery

  • NOC-3938 Promote API - Add subscriber_type to more result schemas

  • NOC-3929 Calix B6AE - Ability to get speeds from CMS at the ONT port level

  • NOC-3928 Update Zhone MALC DSL and GPON modules to support SSH and port discovery

  • NOC-3925 Adjust percentile help code to use jQuery instead of JavaScript

  • NOC-3922 Restore Usage Wizard - Move markup inside DOM

  • NOC-3866 Reformat Light Level Displays

  • NOC-3860 Show History button for light levels even if the ONT is down

  • NOC-3844 Improve Location of Changelog on Subscriber Page

  • NOC-3842 Add help dialogue for split upload/download buttons to Instant View

  • NOC-3838 Top Talkers on Dashboard - Backend

  • NOC-3755 Additional field in NOC user tickets

  • NOC-3562 Add PON Customer Statuses (from ONT Sweep Map) to Circuit Page

  • NOC-3394 Smart Click to AOE GPON New Version

  • NOC-1554 webAPI/openAPI- API key authorization

New Features

  • NOC-3942 changelog update

  • NOC-3918 Automate ACP Report Generation

  • NOC-3759 Add global search operator to search by serial

  • NOC-3336 Dashboard - Display "top talkers" for the top throughput consumers on the network at that time - Front end.

  • NOC-3819 Add Peak/Average/Smart Average/Duration and Usage Percentile to Behavior Analysis report


  • NOC-3971 ONT alarm state not updating if it has the same timestamp as another alarm

  • NOC-3945 Fix notice with ticketing integration

  • NOC-3943 Open API error handling regression

  • NOC-3939 Upgrade util update directory ordering bug

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.15

New Features

  • NOC-3887 Create method for restoring usage on a deleted service

  • NOC-3874 Add time select to ONT Sweep

  • NOC-3859 User Messaging Updates

  • NOC-3849 Write new device class for Cisco UBR7225 CMTS

  • NOC-3832 Create method for restoring usage on a deleted service

  • NOC-3781 Sweep API

  • NOC-3763 Add Clear Alarm to ONT Status Report

  • NOC-3758 Global Search Fallback should search service locations


  • NOC-3914 Promote change some export column names

  • NOC-3899 Cable - Don't show modem billing row in read-only view if it is empty

  • NOC-3889 Modify Calix B6 DSL performance stats to show "EC" lines

  • NOC-3886 Calix E7 chassis - retry telnet connection when there is an eof error on the login prompt

  • NOC-3883 Update CiscoCMTSV2 module to allow older SSH ciphers

  • NOC-3878 Add MAC Address Vendor to Subscriber Reporting API

  • NOC-3876 Light Level color coding

  • NOC-3867 Update ATI device class to support MDUs

  • NOC-3862 Change bandwidth test utility to use a dedicated API function

  • NOC-3848 Increase Spacing on ticket history on circuit page

  • NOC-3845 Add Subscriber Changelog to Circuit View Page

  • NOC-3843 Preserve Historical Changelog for a Subscriber (reinstate subscribers with matching account numbers)

  • NOC-3841 ONT Status Report - Include optic model as an optional column

  • NOC-3793 Optimize update_bandwidth - skip when usage config isn't set.

  • NOC-3755 Additional field for user tickets

  • NOC-3729 Add a help dialogue to Error Message from failed Show Circuit

  • NOC-3631 Calix E7 GPON SMx - Support H248 voice provisioning with DHCP IPs

  • NOC-3905 Lock down special user Groups

  • NOC-3880 Create specific user groups

  • NOC-3830 Require instance for API requests in specific cases

  • NOC-3663 Handle CORS preflight requests

  • NOC-3629 SMx video provisioning - support for multiple policy-maps

  • NOC-3772 Import and save trouble ticket history from NISC

  • NOC-3831 Update API spec files to reflect X-Tenant-ID requirement for multi instance users.


  • NOC-3919 Handle new MACC ticket API version

  • NOC-3915 Subscriber reporting api spec missing path

  • NOC-3909 Adtran DSL service discovery doesn't strip non-printable characters from comments

  • NOC-3907 Global search errors when searching for IP

  • NOC-3875 Ubiquiti module not able to run commands via SSH2 on all modems

  • NOC-3865 CMS site importing script adds malformed site when the login fails

  • NOC-3850 ONT sweep - Adtran trap API - clear LOS on ONT activation

  • NOC-3847 Arris CMTS login doesn't work if the login prompt is a # instead of > before entering enable mode

  • NOC-3833 AddressStandardizationSolution changing all 'St' (streets) to 'SAINT'

  • NOC-3820 Fix CSS source map errors

  • NOC-3808 ONT Status - View Alarms popup is empty.

  • NOC-3802 Usage percentile help button doesn't move when page resized

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.14


  • NOC-3839 Adtran alarm tracking - work around for bug in Adtran chassis reporting on some ONT LOS

  • NOC-3834 Update ASR9000 module to clear the arp cache when removing a static IP

  • NOC-3812 Add ONT tracking to CalixE7GPON_SMx module

  • NOC-3811 Update SMTP2CSV script to handle poorly formed emails

  • NOC-3809 Calix SMx - Capture 'mff-dynamic' host-type IPs in MAC/IP mapping

  • NOC-3799 Dashboard overall throughput chart, make labels not military time.

  • NOC-3798 Throughput average font is a bit large

  • NOC-3766 Display temperature in F or C depending on instance location.

  • NOC-3755 Additional field in NOC user tickets

  • NOC-3735 Light Levels on Calix AXOS E7 platform

  • NOC-3609 Make Adtran SSO not based on email

  • NOC-3608 JIT Admin User Account Creation

  • NOC-3600 No Close Button on jQuery UI Dialog

New Features

  • NOC-3784 M2M access for M1

  • NOC-3781 Sweep API

  • NOC-3769 Add Utilization to Geo API


  • NOC-3776 View ticket details when I select a ticket from the pop up list.

  • NOC-3771 Display trouble ticket stats - MACC

  • NOC-3770 Display trouble ticket stats - eLations


  • NOC-3801 Review help description for smart usage


  • NOC-3821 Dashboard broken for Canada Cloud environment

  • NOC-3818 PHP 8 Fatal

  • NOC-3804 Throughput average chart - day view is showing month

  • NOC-3800 Dashboard help dialogs do not conform to dark mode

  • NOC-3760 Refactor ONT alarm tracking for sweep - Down ONTs not showing up.

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.13

New Features

  • NOC-3761 Add email column to PON search report

  • NOC-3725 Add service account number to ONT Status report

  • NOC-3718 Add USS last speed test result to Circuit Page

  • NOC-3696 User Messaging System

  • NOC-3694 Display trouble ticket stats - NISC

  • NOC-3337 Dashboard - Display overall throughput in somewhat real-time for all bandwidth

  • NOC-3218 Distinguish upload and download on instant view - back end

  • NOC-3217 Distinguish upload and download on instant view - front end.


  • NOC-3780 Skip processing the in the update_total_usage_by_volume and update_average_usage_per_subscriber scripts

  • NOC-3762 Preserve Usage across cable modem swap using Service Account Number

  • NOC-3753 Update Zhone MXK AE module to support MDU ONTs

  • NOC-3654 Track Average and Max throughput as a value on a daily basis

  • NOC-3649 Add Temperature to ONT Status Report

Bug Fixes

  • NOC-3765 NOCAPI dependency checking and monitoring

  • NOC-3764 Usage percentile - cron failing to save updated percentiles

  • NOC-3757 Multiple shapers cause issues detecting correct bandwidth

  • NOC-3754 Zhone MXK AE and GPON not reporting unlimited provisioned speed properly

  • NOC-3749 Global Search Service Address Query Incomplete (Quick Search)

  • NOC-3743 CalixC7 - Switch to thread-safe JSON perl module to support tl1

  • NOC-3733 Suffer Report default sort order changed

  • NOC-3731 Convert to billing speed script doesn't replicate the package prices

  • NOC-3727 ONT class getPort not returning port if the ONT ID isn't a number

  • NOC-3726 Calix E7 GPON SMx get all macs and IPs is not properly mapping leases if using ONT serials as the key

  • NOC-3722 Bandwidth Usage bugs from adding billing codes

  • NOC-3658 BNG Provisioning should delete static sub interface when removing static IP

  • NOC-3588 Template variable shows on cable type settings page


  • NOC-3797 Add more stats to historical pon stats

  • NOC-3747 Throughput graphs - Increase contrast on inactive graph elements in dark mode.


  • NOC-3795 Discontinue saving google place ID

  • NOC-3792 Bandwidth collection DB Optimization.

  • NOC-3750 Instant View - Split upload/download for demo

  • NOC-3724 PON Capacity speed template query join isn't correct

  • NOC-3723 Discovery for new Plume API Key handling

  • NOC-3710 Optimize archive_usage script.

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.12

  • NOC-3697    Cloud API instance directory removal bug

  • NOC-3607    Promote API

  • NOC-3520    Add Billing Code to Intelligence Reports

  • NOC-3650    Calix E7 Light Level Tracking

  • NOC-3685    Updage Calix B6 chassis module to support older SSH cyphers

  • NOC-3689    Add API call to report on hourly bandwidth usage

  • NOC-3426    Add service account number to Global Search Results page

  • NOC-3601    Instant View: Add Usage Total to Pie Chart

  • NOC-3635    Make E7 PON Sweep work with Modular Chassis

  • NOC-3653    Show Usage percentile of usage within Service Provider

  • NOC-3698    Update sync_subscriber_or_site script to import the subscriber email address into the subscriber record

  • NOC-3699    "Search" links to leverage searching by attribute across modules

  • NOC-3705    Import subscriber emails from MACC

  • NOC-2397    Portal - Make "Service with problem" dropdown editable.

  • NOC-2339    Ticket Search - Phone number search to also include more variations

  • NOC-3129    Support listing multiple forwarding email addresses

  • NOC-3584    Global search shortcut expands instance switcher

  • NOC-3669    Add email address to deleted subscriber tracking

  • NOC-3700    ONT tracking not aware of model when calculating ONT tx state

  • NOC-3701    NOC statistics report won't update RRD graphs

  • NOC-3703    Subscriber Reporting API - 0 Attainable Speed for Gpon/AE

  • NOC-2464    Ability to assign subscriber ticket to user and vice versa

  • NOC-3506    Discovery and track PON type as GPON / XG-PON / XGS-PON

  • NOC-3206    Refactor system status log database interaction

  • NOC-3329    DHCP Lease times converted to UTC twice

  • NOC-3608    JIT Admin User Account Creation

  • NOC-3658    BNG Provisioning should delete static sub interface when removing static IP

  • NOC-2923    Page load optimizations - permission / modules caching

  • NOC-3257    E7 GPON RF Video port tries to get added to rsg on delete.

  • NOC-3340    Custom Video Conversion Script

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.11

Bug Fixes

  • NOC-3674 Prune E7 PON Stats history

  • NOC-3665 Getting the "open in device manager" option for SmartRG 516

  • NOC-3664 ASR9000_BNG - Switch to the non-BNG module for operations on services with static IPs

  • NOC-3662 ASR9000_BNG - Handle sites of this type as qinq

  • NOC-3656 OAS3 API report/subscribers endpoints - Inconsistent input handling - security

  • NOC-3646 Instance Switch - Instance Unavailable Bug

  • NOC-3644 Headers should be treated as case insensitive.

  • NOC-3641 OAS3 API Subscriber Reporting endpoint authorization failure

  • NOC-3637 Calix B6 access class has error in discover_customer_device_info function

  • NOC-3636 Auth fails for UK dc

  • NOC-3634 Geo API Not Company Compatible

  • NOC-3630 List CIDR utility doesn't handle IPs ending with ".0" or ".255" properly

  • NOC-3624 Adtran TA5K GPON service discovery not properly detecting ONT port status

  • NOC-3623 Adding wired/wireless/cable site type doesn't add speeds from Billing Speed Mapping properly

  • NOC-3622 Calix E7 DSL not detecting provisioned speed correctly

  • NOC-3621 Subscriber Geo API Bugfixes

  • NOC-3620 Service address on circuits are listed twice on subscriber page

  • NOC-3616 BNG support for sites with more than one data VLAN

  • NOC-3612 ASR devices change speed operations run twice on update

  • NOC-3603 QinQ pool assumes circuit ids are unique when they are not

  • NOC-3593 Rest api bugfixes

  • NOC-3639 Mysql connections being overloaded

  • NOC-3481 Instance switcher errors and bugfixes

  • NOC-3123 Billing Speeds - Adding new site type does not properly inherit speeds



  • NOC-3671 Update import status class to batch save entries to the database

  • NOC-3668 Update Arris CMTS module to support "Username" prompt when logging in

  • NOC-3667 Add list_modems function to CasaCMTS module

  • NOC-3655 ASR9000 - Set 'proxy-arp' on new sub-interfaces instead of 'local-proxy-arp'

  • NOC-3648 Update the discover_services function in the Adtran 5000 AE module to grab the port comment

  • NOC-3647 Update the discover_services function in the Calix E5 110 module to grab the customer name and phone number

  • NOC-3633 Update Casa CMTS module to ignore pre-login banners

  • NOC-3617 Add ability to discover inactive ONTs on Adtran TA5K GPON

  • NOC-3615 Update poll ONT alarms to also look at the ONT status to decide if a "ONT LOS" alarm is still active

  • NOC-3661 Allowed Referrers for Test Env

  • NOC-3368 Remove mcrypt from remote api class

  • NOC-3660 Create flag to enable specific case SSO button

  • NOC-3613 Calix E7 GPON enable SIP GW Profile support for all ONTs

  • NOC-3610 Temp OAS3 api auth


New Features

  • NOC-3645 Update import AOE sites to import from Adtran MCP

  • NOC-3560 Subscriber REST API

  • NOC-3606 Subscriber Reporting API Utilization / Threshold API endpoint

  • NOC-3605 Subscriber Geography API

  • NOC-3632 Add Subscriber Email Address Property

  • NOC-3640 Update ASRBNG9000 to use non-BNG module for services with Static IPS for Show Status

  • NOC-3626 Update Adtran MAC/IP mapping to support CGN

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.10

Bug Fixes 

  • NOC-3612 ASR devices change speed operations run twice on update

  • NOC-3596 Import class function static IP check

  • NOC-3590 Import CMS sites not adding E3-48C ports correctly

  • NOC-3587 Template variable shows on settings pages

  • NOC-3580 Learned IPs from RADIUS account for radius database timezone

  • NOC-3578 DHCP Information chart on dashboard for CGN subnets

  • NOC-3571 Zhone MXK GPON - Fix index for MDU mac mapping

  • NOC-3569 ATI module discover fiber ports if no ONT username or password are set

  • NOC-3557 ASR1000 API module doesn't handle saving configs properly on newer OS's

  • NOC-3556 DSL max attainable report bug in SQL query

  • NOC-3552 Calix E7 GPON discover ONT details is not getting full port description

  • NOC-3550 Trap collector - incorrect pid shown in logs, sub syntax invalid

  • NOC-3549 Security/Arch. - Relocate auth modules

  • NOC-3548 Billing Sync - Imports that create users not saving the filtered username value.

  • NOC-3536 Adtran GPON ONT tracking - Optic discovery missing error handling

  • NOC-3527 SNMP trap logging isn't properly finding the ONT to associate the trap with

  • NOC-3526 Adtran TA5K not always matching prompt

  • NOC-3522 Calix E7 DSL static IP discovery problems

  • NOC-3513 MySQL log rotation may fail to create new log

  • NOC-3504 Remove current day from 2 week pon historical chart

  • NOC-3503 Heatmap - missing data in rare cases

  • NOC-3500 ONT Sweep show message when no ONTs in outage state

  • NOC-3499 Re-Enable geocoding of subscriber billing address since it is still being used as a fallback

  • NOC-3495 Standardize Site username and password filtering

  • NOC-3483 System Status errors in detecting some connection statuses

  • NOC-3482 Global search shortcut and instance switch shortcut broken on service pages.

  • NOC-3480 MikroTik generating warning in find tower function if there aren't any results returned

  • NOC-3479 Adtran 1200F module generating divide by zero warnings

  • NOC-3477 Import count logging to correct day not working as expected

  • NOC-3475 Update scrub input to allow a period in an account number

  • NOC-3473 Metaswitch tries to create buttons for empty voice lines

  • NOC-3469 Adjust API directories on elastic file system

  • NOC-3468 Subscriber service links extend beyond area to link

  • NOC-3467 System status page throwing PHP error loading the pre-import errors if the ISP has CMTS

  • NOC-3463 CalixE7DSL - Allow for spaces in bw-profile names, check for errors on speed change

  • NOC-3457 Billing Sync - Ability to pass in the device model name for wired.

  • NOC-3450 Rename the Nokia 7630 wired broadband module to the correct model number of Nokia 7360

  • NOC-3448 Billing Sync - Imports that create users fail where the user exists with a different account.

  • NOC-3445 Import Adtran sites doesn't save SNMP RO community for TA5K chassis

  • NOC-3440 Cloud: Updating clears email field in specific cases

  • NOC-3437 Adtran 5000 GPON discover function is sometimes returning invalid JSON

  • NOC-3429 Don't allow VLAN deletion if there are services using the VLAN

  • NOC-3423 CalixE7 AE sets incorrect ONT timezone

  • NOC-3419  IP Audit Report filtering bug

  • NOC-3416 Alvarion4M device class calling static function when it's not

  • NOC-3415 Adtran 1200F device class has divide by zero error if OIDS don't return anything

  • NOC-3414 PHP syntax error in the database access class

  • NOC-3404 Service learned mac end times are overwritten on service deletion.

  • NOC-3396 Calix E7DSL - DHCP Clear leases behavior changed for the view template

  • NOC-3395 DHCP API module not parsing lease file correctly if there are DOS style end of lines

  • NOC-3393 SAPC add problem on plan change

  • NOC-3383 Hide Video Vlan and Full Bridge option when rf port is selected

  • NOC-3381 SAPC Error Workaround

  • NOC-3371 In some conditions 'Never Expire Password' setting do not show that property when loaded.

  • NOC-3370 Broadband Stats Service Lists pagination loses some filters.

  • NOC-3367 Zhone MXK AE module has undefined variables

  • NOC-3366 Zhone MXK DSL lite module has undefined variables

  • NOC-3361 Adtran system discovery may hang if there is a communication fault with a GPON card.

  • NOC-3358 Trouble ticket stat report discrepancy

  • NOC-3353 Adtran 5000 GPON not detecting speeds properly

  • NOC-3352 E7 DSL Bonded speed discovery may be incorrect if not using bw-profiles

  • NOC-3346 CalixAE - Add static IP via CMS

  • NOC-3344 DHCP combine leases function not working if leases have same start times

  • NOC-3342 Empty ONT serial Error

  • NOC-3332 DHCPatriot module won't split arguments properly if the password contains a ':'

  • NOC-3325 Adtran TA5K DSL provisioned speed incorrect for 1024 without shapers on bonded pair

  • NOC-3324 Adtran TA5K DSL Non-AOE won't auto create bonded port

  • NOC-3319 Global search on other services treating all search strings with 7 or 10 digits as a phone number

  • NOC-3317 Remove mcrypt references which are unsupported in php 7.2 - NC Module

  • NOC-3316 Changing account number on username with e-mail fails on all mail systems except neonova

  • NOC-3315 IP/ASN data download/import no longer work

  • NOC-3314 Search pagination missing for subscriber attribute searches.

  • NOC-3313 Calix Support Cloud not detecting RG status when only wifi ports are enabled

  • NOC-3310 Service Search API Call

  • NOC-3304 Primal features getting removed when they should not

  • NOC-3301 ONT Swap breaks on servers with IPv6 IPs

  • NOC-3300 Radius MSSQL module GetSessionsForDate function not returning all records since date

  • NOC-3296 Service Location does not automatically populate when adding E7 service to existing ONT.

  • NOC-3273 Javascript error on User Edit popup

  • NOC-3267 Zhone MXK GPON should run show circuit even if we don't have the ONT management IP

  • NOC-3266 Calix B6 DSL provisioned speed detection incorrect in some cases

  • NOC-3263 Zhone MXK DSL get macs subroutine does not detect bonded ports

  • NOC-3262 Zhone MXK DSL not discovering bonded ports if one port in the group is down

  • NOC-3256 E7 Popup doesn't show text with dark mode.

  • NOC-3244 Tickets cannot show who the ticket was resolved by

  • NOC-3241 Subscriber Service SmartRG can show blank/0's for all values

  • NOC-3240 Service address error handling for service adds

  • NOC-3239 Heatmap - select option sorting is off

  • NOC-3238 Dark Mode Bug Popup Mode Dialog

  • NOC-3237 Pon capacity provisioned speed column should be Mbps instead of Kbps

  • NOC-3236 Dark mode bug - dhcp search page

  • NOC-3228 Add "New Subscriber" button showing up at top of Subscriber Admin page when in Fish Hook mode

  • NOC-3221 Trap collector log needs timestamps for each entry.

  • NOC-3219 Ports no longer sort correctly after converting 'Configure Port' pages to data tables.

  • NOC-3216 Instant View still continues to run after the window is closed.

  • NOC-3186 Service Location can get created with no location origin set

  • NOC-3152 Clear DHCP lease button shows up on Calix E7 DSL for some installs

  • NOC-3135 Customer Network tab shows up on wired circuit page in some installs

  • NOC-3111 Global Search - Prioritize subscriber name match over address match

  • NOC-3106 Domain Administration SSL Expire date not updating

  • NOC-3089 E7 AE Northbound adjustments

  • NOC-3075 Add each circuit's speed to wireless circuit listing

  • NOC-3059 Wired sites - Don't require voice type.

  • NOC-3056 Adtran fiber - Service queue detection for downstream shapers isn't always correct.

  • NOC-2992 Fix snmp trap collection logging issue for ONT sweep

  • NOC-2785 Add Service Address button missing when adding new CalixE7DSL service.

  • NOC-2295 Data import utility is not multi node capable.

  • NOC-2285 Pagination not php 7 compatible

  • NOC-1345 Remove Ticket Locking


  • NOC-3553 Reorder IP Address History table

  • NOC-3518 Add Billed and Provisioned Speeds as a line on the Historical Throughput Graphs

  • NOC-3501 Update Plume URLs for Open in Frontline buttons

  • NOC-3398 Port Generator - Make IP, Username and Password Fields Required When Visible

  • NOC-3397 Port Generator Needs to Present IP, Username and Password Fields for ATI Site Type

  • NOC-3360 Procera API support for Packet Logic Firmware version 21.6

  • NOC-3347 Create new Cisco CMTS module that supports SSH via the cloud tunnels

  • NOC-3560 Development items related to delivering the Subscriber REST api

  • NOC-3294 Service Locations Revamp

  • NOC-3599 Update proxy install script

  • NOC-3595 Support for SIP DIGIT MAP configurations in wireless voice TFTP files

  • NOC-3583 Track package pricing

  • NOC-3581 Add the ONT port status information to the ATI show status output

  • NOC-3579 Update Adtran AOE list NEs call to ignore SSH pre-login banner

  • NOC-3577 Add Totals for all IPs on Dashboard DHCP Info chart

  • NOC-3576 Add Delete Button to ONT Status Report for Orphaned ONTs

  • NOC-3575 Sort suffer report by descending score by default

  • NOC-3566 ONT Light Levels - method SQL query limit causing newest results not to be shown

  • NOC-3551 Improvements to module usage information

  • NOC-3547 Add port description to service discovery data for ATI

  • NOC-3544 Change volume conversion operations from base 2 to base 10

  • NOC-3540 Add check to sync sub/circuit script to abort subscriber cleanup if the number imported drastically decreased

  • NOC-3539 Discover the cable modem model for Nokia CMTS

  • NOC-3533 PON Sweep - Change to work standalone

  • NOC-3532 ONT Status Report Changes

  • NOC-3530 Calix E7 GPON SMx - Don't show service template on the RO view if it's empty.

  • NOC-3529 Calix E7 GPON SMx - Ability to use reg-id as the ONT key for billing sync customers

  • NOC-3524 Update sync subscriber or site to auto-add missing VLANs for Calix E7 GPON

  • NOC-3521 Update reimport service IPs from radius to ignore closed sessions and to clean up the sessions when done

  • NOC-3517 Update sync subscriber or site to take multi-line comments for circuits like we do for subscriber comments

  • NOC-3516 Improve Ubiquiti MAC address discovery

  • NOC-3515 Cisco V2 CMTS - Add learned MAC/IP to the Show Status output

  • NOC-3511 Add ONT Temperature to the light level information on the main broadband page

  • NOC-3509 Optimize traffic classification lookup

  • NOC-3492 Add import count graph to system status page

  • NOC-3488 Restore link functionality to the site action buttons that open new pages

  • NOC-3486 Update Adtran TA5K class to return raw learned MACs and IPs

  • NOC-3485 Adtran TA5K DSL discovery failing if port description contains extended ASCII characters

  • NOC-3476 Disable geocoding of subscriber billing address since it's not used any more

  • NOC-3474 Update import scripts to not update import stats and import counts if run by hand

  • NOC-3471 Rework Plume device import to generate MAC 1 and properly format the MAC addresses

  • NOC-3470 Add comment field to ONT Status Report

  • NOC-3462 Calix C7 add ability to discover pppoe hosts

  • NOC-3461 Update Infoblox DHCP module to support static leases

  • NOC-3452 Create a way to pull javascript libraries from local server instead of Internet

  • NOC-3449 Improve Netflow handling for other timezones

  • NOC-3447 Update Adtran AE and GPON modules to allow passing prediscovered data

  • NOC-3446 Add 'Show Status (Basic)' for E7 SMx

  • NOC-3444 Update system status script to only poll a chassis once

  • NOC-3443 Update import error class to handle wireless management IPs that aren't registered

  • NOC-3442 Update Rio API module to ignore traffic from IP blocks

  • NOC-3436 Cisco V2 CMTS module doesn't work with pre-SSH login banners

  • NOC-3430 Extend Smart RG Device Manager interface to work without Subscribers attached

  • NOC-3424 CalixE7DSL - Set dial-plan SIP voice lines

  • NOC-3421 Performance Improvements to Subscriber Service Bandwidth aggregation

  • NOC-3420 Add support for Adtran TA5K "COMBO OLT 8P" GPON card

  • NOC-3411 Calix E7 AE - Standardize Open Web Interface and Ping behavior for all.

  • NOC-3410 Calix E7 AE ASR NB - Enable remote access on ONT when opening web interface.

  • NOC-3408 Create an import status/error logging and reporting class

  • NOC-3407 Billing import should not delete existing circuits that are not discovered

  • NOC-3406 CalixE7 GPON Video - Show full bridge details in show status when applicable.

  • NOC-3403 Auto populate SIP password for Calix E7 DSL

  • NOC-3401 MikroTik get connected radios doesn't always find all connected radios

  • NOC-3392 AOE Quick Launch doesn't support latest version of AOE

  • NOC-3391 Username password suggest ignores special character allowance

  • NOC-3389 Add prompt before purging old eLations discovered data and rediscover

  • NOC-3384 E7 - Auto populate tag action when only 1 exists

  • NOC-3380 Use new methods in mac to vendor class to enable faster looping when looking up vendors

  • NOC-3379 Update subscriber billing sync to save a copy of the MACC subscriber records

  • NOC-3378 Add bandwidth profile information to AFC AccessMax Show circuit

  • NOC-3376 Plume Report - Additional field (MAC Address)

  • NOC-3374 Add ability to force all import logging to the same day

  • NOC-3373 Summa HLR/HSS Updates

  • NOC-3363 Add IPv4 / IPv6 filtering to IP Audit Report

  • NOC-3362 Add "UTC" to the IP History time stamps

  • NOC-3357 Service Usage 'View Day' may allow setting to today

  • NOC-3356 Update Zhone MXK GPON module to import circuits that have a "nolink" status on the Ethernet port

  • NOC-3354 Update Calix E7 AE get all macs and IPs to check data VLANs for leases

  • NOC-3351 Update Calix E7 AE BNG show circuit with static IP to run 'show arp' on the interface

  • NOC-3350 Add OAuth / SSO support for PingOne

  • NOC-3348 Service Location Add Fails with Generic Error Message

  • NOC-3343 Update the DHCP API class to work around the DHCPatriot XML encoding bug

  • NOC-3339 Calix AE module not discovering all ONTs when Calix Support Cloud is in use

  • NOC-3335 Import service IPs from radius should close out any old sessions

  • NOC-3327 Update RadiusLite API module to work with Postgres

  • NOC-3321 Add support for MDU ONTs on Calix B6 AE

  • NOC-3320 NC Module - Don't require phone number for non voice plans

  • NOC-3318 Add command to show CMTS modem status to Nokia Gainspeed CMTS module

  • NOC-3309 Update DHCP inject to allow non-standard private CGN IP addresses

  • NOC-3308 Update more of the Calix E7 AE functions to ping the ONT before trying to connect to it

  • NOC-3303 Improve discovery time for Calix E7 AE by checking if ONT is reachable

  • NOC-3302 Instant Search API Call Improvements

  • NOC-3295 Track created date on all accounts

  • NOC-3291 Billing Sync - Calix C7 - Support discovery of bonded ports

  • NOC-3288 Add Encapsulation type to Max Attainable DSL Intelligence Report

  • NOC-3284 Adjust NeoNova module to set account number on add or update

  • NOC-3282 MySQL 8 compatibility items

  • NOC-3280 Rename Static IP/DHCP report and Improvements

  • NOC-3278 ONTs in service count can be incorrect

  • NOC-3277 Update CalixAE E7 module to set Description and Subscriber ID values for the GE port using NB API

  • NOC-3275 Update Zhone MXK get all MACs and IPs report on CGN addresses

  • NOC-3270 Update DHCP API module to export IPv6 leases from Infoblox

  • NOC-3269 Update DHCP inject script to accept IPv6 subnets

  • NOC-3268 The align the learned MACs to the top for the service learned MACs and IPs table

  • NOC-3260 Update Zhone MXK GPON module to support SSH

  • NOC-3252 Update Cambium ePMP get macs function to work with radios in NAT mode

  • NOC-3251 Add ONT reboot ability for SMx E7 devices.

  • NOC-3250 DHCP lease injection needs to be able to extend existing leases

  • NOC-3246 Arris CMTS get all MACs and IPs not finding everything

  • NOC-3245 Update ONT light levels graph temperature to be in Fahrenheit

  • NOC-3234 Update ONT Alarm API call to take an ONT serial number or an ONT ID

  • NOC-3231 Skip address geocoding when not required

  • NOC-3230 ONT Sweep - Services ONT Serial can have a trailing empty entry

  • NOC-3229 ONT Failure can show 'null' value listing

  • NOC-3215 Revenue Leakage Download as CSV billing speeds bug

  • NOC-3192 Remove legacy "Location" field.

  • NOC-3190 Geocoding url no longer works

  • NOC-3182 Report Provisioned Speed is under reported

  • NOC-3164 Telrad LTE - Adapt to handle CLI changes in newer firmware versions.

  • NOC-3138 Calix - site wizard - default 'Allow port bonding' to on.

  • NOC-3096 PON Capacity - Historical Usage

  • NOC-3094 Support E7 DHCP Hot Swap 

  • NOC-3015 Provide way to manually clear ONT alarms from Sweep.

  • NOC-2737 Service Locations fail at new construction

  • NOC-2497 Make SQL Reports inputs wider

  • NOC-2452 Ability to export data as a csv from the wired and wireless broadband site reports.

  • NOC-2179 Update CalixE7DSL module to set port to no-alarms when enabling or resetting the port

​New Features

  • NOC-3605 Subscriber Geography API

  • NOC-3582 Utility to list known customer IPs in CIDR notation

  • NOC-3541 Script to report on EBB bandwidth usage

  • NOC-3505 Add way to display import details for a specific account number to the system status page

  • NOC-3502 Add PON history

  • NOC-3498 Add historical PON graphs to circuit page

  • NOC-3487 Align X Axis of View Graphs between throughput and volume

  • NOC-3472 Subscriber Experience - Flight Risk Indicator

  • NOC-3466 PON Sweep - PON Dialog Should Show When PON On Left is Clicked

  • NOC-3460 743GE Calix E7 blade reboot workaround (Calix bug)

  • NOC-3459 PON Sweep - Quick Search (PON)

  • NOC-3455 Add support for Huawai MA5603T DSL

  • NOC-3451 Add support for Nokia 7360FX DSL

  • NOC-3439 Generating a wired port range doesn't set password in edge case

  • NOC-3433 OPc Summa HLR/HSS

  • NOC-3428 Add support for Adtran 1116VXP card

  • NOC-3417 Summa Support for Dual IMSI SIM cards

  • NOC-3400 Adtran TA5000 cards inventory report

  • NOC-3385 Add ability to pull the AE port Rx power for Calix E7 AE

  • NOC-3364 Add ability to track data collection and end device connectivity

  • NOC-3355 Support for TDM Gateway voice in Calix E7 GPON SMx

  • NOC-3326 NRTC Helpdesk Account information Direct to Elastic Report

  • NOC-3322 Integrate with NISCs USS (ACS) Platform

  • NOC-3307 Add call to MikroTik class to get a list of all connected modems on a tower

  • NOC-3306 Add support for new Adtran XGS-PON card

  • NOC-3305 Add support for Nokia SC-2D3 CMTS system

  • NOC-3298 Report on Plume nodes in service

  • NOC-3297 Shareable Link Enhanced Capability

  • NOC-3279 Add support for MSSQL based radius remote API module

  • NOC-3276 Update DHCP remote API module to support ISC DHCP IPv6 leases

  • NOC-3274 Support for Cambium ePMP-3000

  • NOC-3249 Interface with Plume Devices

  • NOC-3235 Add a way to pull a circuit's suffer score via the API.

  • NOC-3213 FTTx Light Level Tracking and Reporting

  • NOC-3144 Lazy Load DHCP Leases for Service Pages

  • NOC-2876 Support for Summa Networks HLR/HSS

  • NOC-3597 Create global header notification for maintenance

  • NOC-3564 Users - Allow full email addresses as usernames when the user module is not enabled.

  • NOC-3491 Ability to disable unused usage graphs

  • NOC-3490 Custom usage import

  • NOC-3402 Rename Plume product references

  • NOC-3369 Remove lingering mcrypt references

  • NOC-3341 Wired VLAN drop down should be sorted alphabetically.

  • NOC-3255 Allow CalixE7 GPON module to skip data provisioning

  • NOC-3254 Add suffer score to the max attainable report

  • NOC-3248 Cable modem flap report

  • NOC-2698 Remove custom message alert

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.9


  • [NOC-3196] - IP History report

  • [NOC-3156] -  Usage Collection Scalability

  • [NOC-2972] -  Service Location Required

  • [NOC-3025] -  Update ONT Sweep to track ONTs listed under Other Services

  • [NOC-3034] -  E7 GPON Static IP Discovery

  • [NOC-3046] -  PON Sweep / Stats - Ability to toggle between 15min and 24hr peak values.

  • [NOC-3047] -  Add standard CMTS function list_modems to Harmonics CMTS module

  • [NOC-3050] -  Capture Calix GPON RONTA in service discovery

  • [NOC-3051] -  Update Pannaway module to discover provisioned speed and max attainable speed

  • [NOC-3055] -  Update AOE site import script to import TA1124P chassis

  • [NOC-3057] -  Add sorting toggle to PON Sweep

  • [NOC-3062] -  Filter out invalid characters from Usage tracking class DHCPatriot lease injection

  • [NOC-3064] -  Update DHCP inject to map leases by authentication username if DHCP server is a DHCPatriot

  • [NOC-3068] -  Add function to the DHCP lease class to verify if a remote ID exists in any of the leases

  • [NOC-3072] -  Add function to pull active radius sessions with calling station ID to Radius API module

  • [NOC-3076] -  Interface with Nokia 7630 Fiber platform

  • [NOC-3077] -  ONT Sweep - Re-poll for alarms

  • [NOC-3078] -  Add support for proxy server fail-over

  • [NOC-3079] -  Correct/update the ONT Sweep trap collector set up instructions

  • [NOC-3084] -  ONT Tracking / ONT Sweep - Add support for companies who share sites/access gear.

  • [NOC-3090] -  Usage Raw Interval Stats - SQL Optimization

  • [NOC-3091] -  Usage collection - SQL Optimization

  • [NOC-3093] -  Update Trap Collector script to take an alternate configuration file and bind to a specific IP

  • [NOC-3095] -  Optimize wired broadband search load time

  • [NOC-3099] -  Extend cloud_run.php to allow excluding instances

  • [NOC-3100] -  Update DHCP API class to work with a different version of the Incognito API

  • [NOC-3101] -  Add support for new Adtran ADSL2+32 card

  • [NOC-3127] -  Nokia - Open Web Interface button for ONTs

  • [NOC-3131] -  Removing ONTs from ONT tracking if they have been off network for a while

  • [NOC-3143] -  Add new GPON 4x card to import_CMS_sties script

  • [NOC-3147] -  Global setting for instant graph

  • [NOC-3153] -  Add list of discovered products to elations discovery script

  • [NOC-3154] -  Add support for Calix E7 GPON 16x card to the import CMS sites script

  • [NOC-3155] -  Add note to pon capacity subscriber list

  • [NOC-3157] -  Update Adtran 1X48 to not use SNMP for getting learned MACs and IPs

  • [NOC-3162] -  Add ability to search wired circuits by CID

  • [NOC-3163] -  ONT Status Report Options - add name / address

  • [NOC-3165] -  Update MACC list other services function call to take an argument to pull a plant record attribute

  • [NOC-3166] -  Update MACC import other services script to import any ONT serial numbers associated with the service

  • [NOC-3169] -  Add ONT Serial number to the Wired Broadband Site report

  • [NOC-3172] -  Adjust DNS Field Sizes

  • [NOC-3173] -  Modify 'Delete Checked' services to support waiting until last service in list is deleted before rebooting modem (ONT)

  • [NOC-3174] -  Telrad LTE - Detach IMSI from EPC after speed changes.

  • [NOC-3177] -  Add ability to check MACC database freshness

  • [NOC-3178] -  Add check for MACC data freshness to macc_import_other.php and subscriber_billing_sync.php

  • [NOC-3180] -  Change "Location" to "Service Address" for the wired, wireless, and cable broadband headers on the subscriber page

  • [NOC-3183] -   Ticket Module Modified column in ticket listing looks wrong

  • [NOC-3185] -  Add more usage tiers dashboard graph

  • [NOC-3188] -  DHCP Module can return blank rows

  • [NOC-3198] -  Add a way to import CPNI questions and answers from MACC into subscriber record

  • [NOC-3199] -  Update Zhone MXK DSL module to support bonded ports

  • [NOC-3201] -  Allow global search of circuit id

  • [NOC-3202] -  Update ISC DHCP module to support new local time format for get_recent_leases call

  • [NOC-3203] -  Update subscriber billing sync to import more than one CPNI question and answer from MACC

  • [NOC-3204] -  Update Adtran AOE site import script to set the SNMP RO password on TA5K chassis'


New Features

  • [NOC-3213] - FTTX light level

  • [NOC-2985] - OLT PON Capacity Tracking and Reporting

  • [NOC-2986] - Build one stop script for emailing out Intelligence Reports

  • [NOC-2990] - Calix Option82 provisioning

  • [NOC-3067] - Subscriber service bandwidth chart has too many data points

  • [NOC-3104] - Add support for Zhone 4929, IPD4000, and IDP12000 DSL DSLAMs

  • [NOC-3139] - Dark Mode

  • [NOC-3148] - Static/DHCP IP report - Add option to show services with more than one IP address.

  • [NOC-3205] - Cable - web service API support


Mobile App   

  • [APP-30] -  Throughput and Usage graph visual overhaul / Add speed info

  • [na] -  Suffer score added where applicable

  • [na] -  Update to cache timeouts

  • [na] -  Improved start up time speed

  • [na] -  Improved search speed


Bug Fixes     

  • [NOC-2927] - BNG Provisioning Wait Time and Logging Fix

  • [NOC-2977] - Broadband default searches do not query service_locations correctly.

  • [NOC-3048] - CMS Site import script not creating Calix E7 DSL ports

  • [NOC-3052] - Clicking "Neighbors" button changes customer pin color

  • [NOC-3053] - Service delete checkboxes show for in read only configurations

  • [NOC-3054] - Subscriber page UI tweaks

  • [NOC-3060] - Allow archive dhcp lease script to purge old archive tables

  • [NOC-3061] - E7 DSL view template not showing bonded circuits

  • [NOC-3063] - Instant View time selector updated

  • [NOC-3065] - Usage processing backend optimization - pt1

  • [NOC-3069] - Subscriber sync can miss importing subscriber phone number

  • [NOC-3071] - E7 DSL Bonding speed discovery problems

  • [NOC-3073] - AFC Access Max module throwing warnings about object property doesn't exist on import

  • [NOC-3105] - Discovery failing for Adtran TA1148A chassis

  • [NOC-3107] - Add ability to pull extended plant information from MACC

  • [NOC-3108] - ONT Sweep trap collector multi company bug

  • [NOC-3112] - Help request not reporting submission errors

  • [NOC-3113] - System Status Log class is not clearing the log string after saving to database

  • [NOC-3115] - MAC mapping is wiping out learned IP addresses from Radius

  • [NOC-3116] - Sweep - 'undefined' subscribers

  • [NOC-3117] - Make scrub_input's domain filter more specific

  • [NOC-3120] - Comments are not visible for DSL circuits in read-only mode

  • [NOC-3121] - UI Updates

  • [NOC-3125] - eLations billing class improperly encoding username and passwords with a '&' in them

  • [NOC-3126] - Add support for GPON-8x card to import CMS sites script

  • [NOC-3128] - Import sites from CMS script is building AE and DSL ports incorrectly for E7

  • [NOC-3132] - Harmonics SSH receive buffer too small

  • [NOC-3133] - Harmonics CMTS throwing PHP warnings

  • [NOC-3137] - Sometimes Calix B6 DSL is not detecting port status and provisioned speeds on bonded circuits

  • [NOC-3141] - Billing Speed Mapping wiping out billing codes with a "+" in them

  • [NOC-3145] - Not discovering access profile VLAN on newer Calix B6 DSL cards

  • [NOC-3146] - Sometimes the provisioned speed detection on Ubiquoss C9500 is incorrect

  • [NOC-3149] - Harmonics CMTS show status not always returning data

  • [NOC-3150] - Harmonic CMTS not discovering learned MACs and IPs on modems in bridged mode

  • [NOC-3160] - Calix B6 DSL get MACs doesn't work with bonded ports

  • [NOC-3167] - MACC Remote API module list_equip function doesn't work

  • [NOC-3168] - New User Add does not follow password rules correctly

  • [NOC-3170] - Import service IPs script inserting IPs into broadband module instead of wireless module

  • [NOC-3171] - Adtran TA5K aDSL bonded port provisioned speed detection not working

  • [NOC-3175] - Import AOE site script is creating AE port types instead of VDSL for DSL cards

  • [NOC-3187] - Duplicate entries showing up in service location table

  • [NOC-3189] - ONT Sweep not picking up Adtran AE ONTs correctly

  • [NOC-3191] - Edge case where usage show up on a disabled service

  • [NOC-3200] - Usage report doesn't show circuits without speeds



  • [NOC-3098] - ASR MAC-IP mapping efficiency improvement

  • [NOC-3109] - Adtran MAC-IP mapping efficiency improvement

  • [NOC-3179] - Toggle usage info

  • [NOC-3184] - Temporarily E7 video provisioning modification

  • [NOC-3226] - Remove Legacy Map It button

  • [NOC-3227] - Remove legacy information and settings button

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.8


  • * [NOC-2968] - Summary

  • * [NOC-2971] - Calix B6 - Invalid login credentials cause the module to hang in SSH mode.

  • * [NOC-2959] - CalixE7ASR module - Add ability to provision calix speed templates on E7

  • * [NOC-3017] - DHCPatriot uses different cases for the login user tag depending on the version

  • * [NOC-2979] - ONT Alarms can get stuck not being cleared

  • * [NOC-2962] - Add support for generic DHCP lease query for DHCP lease injection

  • * [NOC-2940] - Make global variable for turning off service level traffic classification pie chart

  • * [NOC-2931] - Calix SMx - Sanitize subscriber fields to remove characters not allowed in latest SMx release.

  • * [NOC-2910] - Telrad LTE sites do not discover all macs and ips

  • * [NOC-2896] - Integrate with SmartRG Device Manager

  • * [NOC-2888] - Cable and Wireless Voice - Voice lines are not removed when the modem is changed to a non-eMTA model.

  • * [NOC-2886] - Convert support request form over to Zendesk API instead of e-mail for submitting

  • * [NOC-2841] - Add Open in Meta View Button

  • * [NOC-2840] - Update Calix E7 AE ASR module to work with stacked shelves

  • * [NOC-3023] - Service Address add/edit doesn't account for permission levels

  • * [NOC-3021] - Zhone MXK get all MACs and IPs does not find static IPs

  • * [NOC-2955] - ZhoneMXK - Handle 'all systems are engaged' errors.

  • * [NOC-2942] - Zhone MXK AE module doesn't work with latest chassis software

  • * [NOC-2922] - Database optimization: nightly usage tracking / procera raw daily stats

  • * [NOC-2921] - Add more information to the show circuit information for Ubiquoss C9500

  • * [NOC-2920] - Add logic to ONT tracking to prevent subscriber moving to a different address being flagged as an ONT failure

  • * [NOC-2881] - Add support for Zhone Dasan 5824

  • * [NOC-2863] - Add ability to obtain throughput data via webapi

  • * [NOC-2854] - Dashboard - Sticky Controls

  • * [NOC-2846] - Add option to "Exclude Scanning" in Unmatched IPs report

  • * [NOC-2820] - Dashboard charting adjustments

  • * [NOC-2981] - Change 'Service Address' to be a button

  • * [NOC-2938] - Add ability to specify a default region for new subscribers.

  • * [NOC-2937] - ONT Sweep - Show ONTs with BIP errors.

  • * [NOC-2883] - Add per-site breakdown to ONT Sweep

  • * [NOC-2875] - Pass actual DSL port status back in Adtran 5000 discover DSL services

  • * [NOC-2873] - Add ability to collect usage for single service

  • * [NOC-2843] - Global search doesn't work with single quotes

  • * [NOC-2842] - Update Calix E7 AE ASR NorthBound module to work with stacked shelves

  • * [NOC-2828] - Update Calix E7 AE module to work with stacked shelves

  • * [NOC-2507] - Fix 'dhcp' menu item issue

  • * [NOC-3016] - Convert to billing speed mapping doesn't work for CMTS

  • * [NOC-3004] - Adding new billing speed map inserts the upload and download speeds backwards

  • * [NOC-2966] - Sync Subscriber or Site script not removing old subscribers if they have "other services"

  • * [NOC-2965] - Make Zhone MXP DSL MAC address mapping more efficient

  • * [NOC-2964] - Make Zhone MXK DSL MAC address mapping more efficient

  • * [NOC-2961] - Make Zhone MXK AE MAC address mapping more efficient

  • * [NOC-2954] - Make Zhone MXK GPON MAC address mapping more efficient

  • * [NOC-2953] - User portal - Link SpamFilter listing to login page.

  • * [NOC-2947] - Invoice module move header down

  • * [NOC-2935] - Add address to Export Users as CSV report.

  • * [NOC-2932] - Add some more B6 card types and E7 AE management VLAN

  • * [NOC-2925] - Add ability to pull all DSL bonded provisioned and active port status in one API call

  • * [NOC-2918] - Add billing speed management for fishhook

  • * [NOC-2887] - DHCP config test errors not passed back to user.

  • * [NOC-2872] - Make the telnet buffer size a configuration variable in the ASR9000_BNG remote API module

  • * [NOC-2870] - Optimize Site Listing Retrieval

  • * [NOC-2868] - Update ISPN ticket import to include escalation information in ticket description

  • * [NOC-2862] - IP traffic classification update script doesn't work on stand alone install

  • * [NOC-2855] - Add Open in SMx button

  • * [NOC-2849] - Script to automatically poll Adtran AOE for site information and import into the NOC360

  • * [NOC-2838] - Add ability to ping a device to the Adtran device class

  • * [NOC-2836] - User page speed optimization - reduce page load time.

  • * [NOC-2833] - E7 DSL Show Circuit Output Additions /Improvements

  • * [NOC-2831] - Prevent characters in user passwords

  • * [NOC-2830] - Add PromptLink IPS and CPM link buttons to CMTS circuit page

  • * [NOC-2829] - Change PromptLink CMTS discovery to pull by account number instead of pulling full circuit list

  • * [NOC-3030] - Swap bandwidth usage and throughput charts

  • * [NOC-3035] - Non-empty domains not getting removed from Communigate

  • * [NOC-3032] - Adtran5000 - Discover speeds from show run where available

  • * [NOC-3038] - Region is displaying the default region even if the region isn't set on the subscriber

  • * [NOC-3036] - CalixB6 AE - Add ability to get provisioned speed from bootfiles labeled with the Reg ID

  • * [NOC-3041] - Update DHCP API class to work with Incognito's API

  • * [NOC-2761] - Global Search Enhancements


New Features

  • * [NOC-2967] - Calix E7 GPON Add sip-gw provisioning ability for P-Series ONTs

  • * [NOC-2975] - Add full billing address to all intelligence reports

  • * [NOC-2901] - Pursuit - Add info source flag per shape file

  • * [NOC-2848] - Usage cache allows duplicate entires

  • * [NOC-2984] - Permission denied to subscriber module if wired broadband permission is set to "Read Only - Circuit Management"

  • * [NOC-2983] - Update MACC module to pull list of user accounts

  • * [NOC-2897] - Add logging to infoblox api calls

  • * [NOC-2880] - Allow discovery of Adtran DSL circuits outside of importing

  • * [NOC-2864] - Add support for Ubiquoss C9500 EPON

  • * [NOC-2865] - Add ability for usage collection to repopulate historical usage data

  • * [NOC-2928] - Wireless page load performance improvements

  • * [NOC-2860] - Add function to get wireless ID based on a user ID

  • * [NOC-2857] - Add ability to export other services from MACC

  • * [NOC-2851] - UI Theme Improvements

  • * [NOC-2850] - Script to automatically poll Calix CMS for site information and import


​Bug Fixes

  • * [NOC-2980] - Mock QinQ BRAS provisioning

  • * [NOC-2976] - Calix E7 Fiber - Subscriber update method doesn't account for site's 'provision' setting.

  • * [NOC-2933] - Adtran platforms - Add enable/disable functionality.

  • * [NOC-2924] - Service Usage Chart Shows Incomplete Data set sometimes

  • * [NOC-2871] - Calix AE E7 ASR - Disable can cause RSG/Data service to not be written to ONT config file

  • * [NOC-2858] - Global search quick results doesn't account for modules being disabled

  • * [NOC-2845] - Global search doesn't respect admin permissions

  • * [NOC-2839] - Save operation fails for voice lines in wired broadband view

  • * [NOC-2837] - Wired and Wireless module search on service location isn't searching new service locations module

  • * [NOC-2826] - Global search tweaks and bug fixes

  • * [NOC-3028] - Service Address disappears from create screen

  • * [NOC-3026] - Adtran GPON services discovery fails if ONT port status detection takes longer than 30 minutes

  • * [NOC-3019] - Ubiquoss C9500 is truncating the ONT port numbers

  • * [NOC-2991] - Add support for SSH to Arris CMTS module

  • * [NOC-2912] - Database Performance Improvements - Usage Collection

  • * [NOC-2895] - Calix E5/E3 ASR Static IP Provisioning on Add Operation

  • * [NOC-2879] - Calix AE E7 - Adjust module to set dial plan

  • * [NOC-2869] - Content on Service Page is not centered

  • * [NOC-2835] - Zhone MXK GPON IP caching

  • * [NOC-2814] - Setting an admin user password to 100 characters or more doesn't work

  • * [NOC-3022] - Add Calix 720G to the list of ONTs that support SIP GW on Calix E7 ASR and Calix E7GPON

  • * [NOC-3001] - Update Zhone MXP device class to support more than 1 data VLAN

  • * [NOC-2969] - Add support for Harmonics CMTS

  • * [NOC-2952] - Update Zhone MXK GPON module to properly handle ONT connection errors

  • * [NOC-2951] - Zhone MXP DSL is not always detecting the port type

  • * [NOC-2949] - Zhone MXK GPON doesn't handle "Do you want to continue" prompts

  • * [NOC-2945] - Remove calls to set_magic_quotes_runtime for PHP 7.2

  • * [NOC-2944] - Wireless speed class has invalid checks on the type ID and sort order arguments

  • * [NOC-2917] - Add ONT management web interface button to Ubiquoss C9500 module

  • * [NOC-2915] - Radius class get_groups returns non-empty array if no groups are found

  • * [NOC-2913] - DSL class isn't cleaning up radius username when service is removed

  • * [NOC-2834] - E7 Alarm State Improvements - Remember existing alarm state when bouncing port.

  • * [NOC-2752] - Show Neighbors map feature disabled.

  • * [NOC-2859] - Add System Status Page

  • * [NOC-2827] - Update MACC remote API module to return account name and customer name information

  • * [NOC-3018] - Re-work Map-It functionality

  • * [NOC-3012] - Calix E7 GPON - Catch internal errors that occur during the output of 'show ont summary'

  • * [NOC-3003] - Make eLations discovery script output easier to read

  • * [NOC-2950] - Notify ticket owner if someone else reopens their ticket.

  • * [NOC-2904] - ASR1000, ASR9000 - Rollback static IP additions in NOC360 if adding them fails on the ASR.

  • * [NOC-2867] - Add API call to get the company's billing system

  • * [NOC-2885] - Add chassis discovery to Adtran AOE module



  • * [532] - ONT Swap has been enabled for testing

  • * [1645] - Setting Service Locations from the app added

  • * [143] - Show status now works with very long statuses

  • * [110] - Visual improvements to navigation

  • * [137] - Visual improvements to error handling

  • * [161] - Visual improvements to loading indicators

  • * [443] - Service location addition

  • * [993] - UI update

  • * [995] - Camera feature improvements

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.7


  •   * [NOC-1556] - ASR1000 module should learn hostname

  •   * [NOC-2133] - Add Device Discovery to Alvarion Module (AlvarionBreezeMaxExtreme)

  •   * [NOC-2384] - CalixAE_E7 - Additional show circuit output.

  •   * [NOC-2466] - B6 DSL - Add additional information with Show Status

  •   * [NOC-2511] - B6 DSL - Add config option to not add phone number to equipment

  •   * [NOC-2547] - Add service locations UI to E7 templates and Service Adds

  •   * [NOC-2598] - Add Full Bridge Indicator to Subscriber and Broadband View/Edit Views

  •   * [NOC-2615] - Changelog ONT Reboots / Circuit Resets

  •   * [NOC-2624] - Add exclusion list to IPTV Channel Count Report

  •   * [NOC-2635] - Acquisition Information Adjustments and Download + UI Tweaks

  •   * [NOC-2639] - Max attainable rate discovery framework for non-fish hook sites (and B6 DSL)

  •   * [NOC-2640] - Custom Report - ISP Level Top Traffic Destinations

  •   * [NOC-2641] - Add support for Adtran TA5000 GPON platform to IPTV Channel Count Report

  •   * [NOC-2642] - Add B6 DSL / AE Support for IPTV Channel Count report

  •   * [NOC-2643] - Parallelize the channel count collection process

  •   * [NOC-2646] - Add support for Infoblox DHCP via file reads instead of API calls

  •   * [NOC-2672] - Fix some annoying issues with upgrade utility.

  •   * [NOC-2680] - Update heatmap pins

  •   * [NOC-2682] - Refactor IPTV channel count report to support multiple platforms.

  •   * [NOC-2683] - Add password generator to E7 DSL / E5-48C provisioning template

  •   * [NOC-2684] - Add ability to clear dhcp proxy entries on ASR9k's.

  •   * [NOC-2720] - Change wired, wireless and cable site management UI to use datatables

  •   * [NOC-2723] - Make Subscriber Acquisition module center on company's city address

  •   * [NOC-2727] - Add flag to ignore e7 provision errors for ONT migration purposes.

  •   * [NOC-2730] - Add flag to prevent cable modems from returning to pool on delete

  •   * [NOC-2732] - NC Additional Fields

  •   * [NOC-2733] - Global search for account number doesn't give wired broadband results

  •   * [NOC-2760] - Add support for freeradius 3

  •   * [NOC-2765] - TDM Gateway Provisioning support for E7 DSL / E3-48C

  •   * [NOC-2766] - Show vlan info on HPBX circuits on subscriber page

  •   * [NOC-2767] - Acquisition Report - City names are hard to read now

  •   * [NOC-2771] - ONT Tracking report can show more failures than total

  •   * [NOC-2773] - Acquisition report - checkbox ticks show through NOC navigation

  •   * [NOC-2778] - Change site port configuration to use datatables

  •   * [NOC-2789] - Add CPE Vendor reporting to IP report

  •   * [NOC-2794] - Do not delete learned IPs or MAC on service delete

  •   * [NOC-2795] - Make IP History report show deleted subscriber

  •   * [NOC-2804] - Add serial field to "Other Services" module

  •   * [NOC-2805] - Interface ONT Sweep into "Other Services" module

  •   * [NOC-2818] - Adtran GPON - Add support for per-ont-port shapers

  •   * [NOC-2820] - Global Search Enhancements

  •   * [NOC-2821] - Changelog instant view access

  •   * [NOC-2823] - Add ability to report usage on destination IP addresses for Rio

  •   * [NOC-2824] - Add interface for configuring wired VLANs on existing sites.

  •   * [NOC-2825] - Add role dropdown

  •   * [App-18] - Add return for duplicate subscribers with multiple services 

  •   * [App-18] - Subscriber search won't return duplicates, instead services are changeable after clicking a subscriber

  •   * [App-10] - Multiple images can be viewed, rather than just the first


New Features

  •   * [NOC-2644] - Add full provisioning support for Calix G.Fast platform

  •   * [NOC-2677] - Integrate with Calix Consumer CONNECT+

  •   * [NOC-2696] - NC - Add support for Clearsky shared data buckets

  •   * [NOC-2706] - Add BNG provisioning support to Calix E3-12 Platform

  •   * [NOC-2707] - Add BNG support to Calix E3-48C Platform

  •   * [NOC-2708] - Add BNG support to Calix E5-121 platform

  •   * [NOC-2709] - Add BNG support to Calix E5-111 Platform

  •   * [NOC-2753] - AFC integration

  •   * [NOC-2769] - Capture / display / report on ONT Alarms - Adtran platforms

  •   * [NOC-2781] - Add support for Calix SMx


​Bug Fixes

  •   * [NOC-1695] - Cisco ASR1000 module cannot handle long prompts

  •   * [NOC-2289] - Change Map It requests, change auth

  •   * [NOC-2552] - Acquisition module - City List scroll issue

  •   * [NOC-2655] - Import Security Coverage Tickets into NOC360

  •   * [NOC-2660] - ArrisCMTS uses incorrect fields for configuration variables.

  •   * [NOC-2679] - Radius Connected Users search not working.

  •   * [NOC-2694] - Calix E7 DSL - Max attainable rates not always calculated correctly for bonded ports.

  •   * [NOC-2695] - Throughput chart incorrectly accounts for timezone

  •   * [NOC-2713] - Surgemail - default access group not selected in dropdown

  •   * [NOC-2718] - Add shaper info to Calix E7 AE ONT show circuit

  •   * [NOC-2724] - Acquisition - Download button broken

  •   * [NOC-2725] - Home Value not displayed in Acquisition export

  •   * [NOC-2726] - Arris CMTS module will try enable mode even if supplied enable password is blank

  •   * [NOC-2728] - Regressions in MagicMail module.

  •   * [NOC-2731] - ZhoneMXK GPON module to fail back to site level login details

  •   * [NOC-2734] - Consumer Connect+ button doesn't work with discovered ONTs (fish hook)

  •   * [NOC-2735] - Calix E7 AE RSG open web interface commands not correct

  •   * [NOC-2739] - Dashboard - Average Usage Per Subscriber by Volume adjustments

  •   * [NOC-2743] - Acquisition - Slightly mismatched address variations may appear as both subscribers and leads.

  •   * [NOC-2750] - Google Maps library update causes giant buttons

  •   * [NOC-2751] - Site Wizard - BRAS step shows for CalixAE_E7 site type when it should not

  •   * [NOC-2763] - Instant usage graphs 'now' not correct.

  •   * [NOC-2768] - Acquisition City Population is not longer relevant

  •   * [NOC-2770] - Speed changes broken for E3/E5 BNG sites.

  •   * [NOC-2792] - Calix B6 AE module to collect MAC/IP data differently to fix issue

  •   * [NOC-2797] - Calix E7 AE module does not change VLAN when static IP is added/removed

  •   * [NOC-2802] - User 'Created' field displays wrong date.

  •   * [NOC-2808] - Fatal error when attempting to show nonexistent user

  •   * [NOC-2809] - Wireless site management edit issues

  •   * [NOC-2810] - B6 provisioned speed discovery incorrect in some cases (DSL and AE)

  •   * [NOC-2816] - ONT Sweep - Known ONT list shows entries without account numbers.

  •   * [NOC-2817] - View E-mail permission doesn't work.

  •   * [NOC-2819] - Instant View Graphs and Time zone's issue

  •   * [NOC-2822] - Calix B6AE doesn't properly detect CMS speeds per service

  •   * [App-20] - Company list loading 

  •   * [App-21] - Fix login crash



  •   * [NOC-2697] - Custom message area alert

  •   * [NOC-2703] - Updates to users online display area 

  •   * [NOC-2704] - Location Photos overlap with Usage Area on read only templates

  •   * [NOC-2711] - Fix 'dhcp' menu item issue

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.6


  •    * [NOC-2464] - Ability to assign subscriber ticket to user and vice versa

  •    * [NOC-2466] - B6 DSL - Add additional information with Show Status

  •    * [NOC-2500] - Add config variable for MAC Limit for B6 DSL

  •    * [NOC-2507] - Re-work Map-It functionality

  •    * [NOC-2508] - Remove subscriber lat/long fields

  •    * [NOC-2509] - Remove wired/wireless/cable 'location' fields from page

  •    * [NOC-2511] - B6 DSL - Add config option to not add phone number to equipment

  •    * [NOC-2517] - Allow GetServiceFromIP call to search multiple companies

  •    * [NOC-2538] - Procera Speed Discovery

  •    * [NOC-2546] - Make service locations many:one services instead of 1:1

  •    * [NOC-2510] - B6 DSL - Customer info not always removed on delete

  •    * [NOC-2548] - Create permission level for traffic classification data / charts

  •    * [NOC-2549] - Disable save button on service address modal until address has been searched

  •    * [NOC-2550] - Service Location Map - change map center to company address, not browser location

  •    * [NOC-2551] - Service address save can fail if address contains single quote

  •    * [NOC-2553] - Add maximum allowed speed for cable modem models

  •    * [NOC-2556] - Allow mulitple services to be deleted from subscriber page

  •    * [NOC-2568] - Add differential columns to DSL Max Attainable report

  •    * [NOC-2581] - NOC UI Adjustments

  •    * [NOC-2585] - Heatmap - adjust so that button flashes on pan/zoom

  •    * [NOC-2591] - Merge menu item arrays for Intelligence Reports

  •    * [NOC-2598] - Add Full Bridge Indicator to Subscriber and Broadband View/Edit Views

  •    * [NOC-2602] - Update favicon and title text

  •    * [NOC-2607] - Calix E7 GPON - Bounce Ethernet port on data enable operation

  •    * [NOC-2609] - Remove NOC360 Admin Users charts from dashboard

  •    * [NOC-2615] - Changelog ONT Reboots / Circuit Resets

  •    * [NOC-2624] - Add exclusion list to IPTV Channel Count Report

  •    * [NOC-2630] - Add more information about leads in Acquisition Module

  •    * [NOC-2632] - Acquisition module permissions

  •    * [NOC-2638] - Calix E7 Show Circuit output improvements

  •    * [NOC-2639] - Max attainable rate discovery framework for non-fish hook sites ( and B6 DSL)

  •    * [NOC-2640] - Custom Report - Top Traffic Destinations


Bug Fixes

  •    * [NOC-2536] - Service Location missing on some templates

  •    * [NOC-2542] - Cisco ASR 9000 - Carrier Grade Nat Improvement

  •    * [NOC-2552] - Acquisition module - City List scroll issue

  •    * [NOC-2554] - E7 ONT swaps fail to bring up RF port.

  •    * [NOC-2558] - Location Field not disabled

  •    * [NOC-2559] - Calix E7 DSL ASR Module - H248 voice never gets provisioned.

  •    * [NOC-2565] - Service Locations need to run data through mysql escape string

  •    * [NOC-2572] - User email fatal error when the domain is not found.

  •    * [NOC-2573] - On subscriber page, "location" column empty sometimes

  •    * [NOC-2601] - Can't add service location if google can't autocomplete the address

  •    * [NOC-2605] - E7GPON Billing Sync Sites cannot be added by end user

  •    * [NOC-2612] - Alvarion BreezeMaxExtreme module broken

  •    * [NOC-2616] - ASR9000 module ignores public IPs in non CGN configurations

  •    * [NOC-2617] - ASR9000 module excludes IPs on mac collection

  •    * [NOC-2618] - Prevent 2nd level menu items from showing in edge case

  •    * [NOC-2621] - Calix E7 AE QueryONT function appears broken

  •    * [NOC-2625] - Location Photo delete issues in Chrome.

  •    * [NOC-2628] - Data Remove broken Calix E7 DSL

  •    * [NOC-2629] - Expire Mail  - Mark Exempt broken for whole domain

  •    * [NOC-2633] - Acquisition Module - Income rank slider looks different in Firefox

  •    * [NOC-2637] - Acquisition module assumes all service locations are customers

  •    * [NOC-2648] - IP address field not disabled for StaticDHCP Site type

  •    * [NOC-2649] - IP Tracking Module - Save broken

  •    * [NOC-2650] - Javascript syntax error on edit user page.

  •    * [NOC-2651] - Javascript bug: Ok button no longer works on subscriber delete services

  •    * [NOC-2652] - Javascript bug: Delete button tries to delete wrong site now

  •    * [NOC-2653] - Javascript bug: broadband Create button no longer disables or shows loader allowing the button to be clicked over and over

  •    * [NOC-2656] - Subscriber enable fails with enable failure response

  •    * [NOC-2657] - Improvements to broadband edit/view page load time

  •    * [NOC-2658] - Javascript hide/show functions retain Prototype syntax in places

  •    * [NOC-2659] - Multiple Crypt-Password rows showing up in RADIUS for users when there should only be one per user

  •    * [NOC-2660] - ArrisCMTS uses incorrect fields for configuration variables.

  •    * [NOC-2661] - Javascript - syntax error on wired site settings page.

  •    * [NOC-2662] - Service Address not auto populated when using "Add to ONT" action.

  •    * [NOC-2664] - Change ONT reason drop down has duplicate reasons

  •    * [NOC-2665] - Javascript bug: User view template broken

  •    * [NOC-2666] - ONT swap functionality still trys to use prototype functions

  •    * [NOC-2671] - Domain Email suggest password button may return html page


New Features

  •    * [NOC-2522] - Provisioning for Security Coverage E-Mail

  •    * [NOC-2545] - Add support for PICO MiniCMTS

  •    * [NOC-2562] - Add service location images to NOC360 UI

  •    * [NOC-2589] - ONT Tracking and Changelogging - Part II

  • ​   * [NOC-2613] - Adtran AE IPTV Channel Count Report

  •    * [NOC-2631] - Dynamic Lead Targeting in Acquisition module



  •    * [NOC-283] - Migrate to jQuery 1.10 or newer

  •    * [NOC-2529] - Adtran5000 - Show Status improvements

  •    * [NOC-2534] - Adtran AE - Show Status - Ethernet Ports

Release notes - NOC360 - Version 4.5

Bug Fixes

  •     * [NOC-2283] - Dashboard - Total Usage by Volume chart doesn't change when subscriber type is selected

  •     * [NOC-2284] - Dashboard - Average Usage Per Subscriber by Volume broken for subscriber type filter

  •     * [NOC-2294] - Add subscriber name and account number to service usage dialog

  •     * [NOC-2296] - Intelligence reports with email column can greatly distort display

  •     * [NOC-2297] - Usage Graph Date Weirdness with Mid-Month Billing Cycles

  •     * [NOC-2302] - Portal - Month bandwidth chart is blank

  •     * [NOC-2303] - Dashboard - Volume Usage by Package missing data

  •     * [NOC-2306] - Intelligence reports site name will be empty if site location is null

  •     * [NOC-2309] - Wired speed imports and wired site settings no longer working correctly.

  •     * [NOC-2318] - Active time for static IPs doesn't reflect service create date

  •     * [NOC-2319] - Add creation stamp to cable modem module

  •     * [NOC-2320] - Surgemail account recovery doesn't work in single node setups

  •     * [NOC-2327] - Bulk Traffic Classification Collection Misses some accounts sometimes

  •     * [NOC-2328] - E7 HPBX Verbiage change. 

  •     * [NOC-2329] - Surgemail - allow user defined archive directory

  •     * [NOC-2332] - Upgrade script to enable common modules

  •     * [NOC-2333] - Dashboard flows weird when window is large

  •     * [NOC-2334] - Portal - Date math issue for daily volume and throughput charts

  •     * [NOC-2338] - Modify broadband search to include modem model name

  •     * [NOC-2348] - Top Bandwidth Users Unknown IPs view showing statically assigned customer IPs. 

  •     * [NOC-2352] - QinQ / BNG - Refactor where qinq and port deletes happen

  •     * [NOC-2354] - Subscriber search query regression

  •     * [NOC-2355] - PHP Fatal error in IP address module

  •     * [NOC-2357] - Usage Tracking module isn't finding the DHCP server settings

  •     * [NOC-2362] - Service Learned IP Address Records Can Overlap

  •     * [NOC-2366] - Inaccuracies in max attainable rates

  •     * [NOC-2367] - Elations - Add check for failed queries in subscriber import script.

  •     * [NOC-2372] - CalixE7DSL import discovery not always working.

  •     * [NOC-2388] - Speed name filtering not updated with changes to database field lengths.

  •     * [NOC-2392] - Mac collection broken for Arris

  •     * [NOC-2396] - ONT Swap - Video service swap can fail if BNG

  •     * [NOC-2409] - 5 minute interval throughput graphs (hi resolution) are not showing up

  •     * [NOC-2438] - Calix E7 DSL VLAN voice and video provisioning issues

  •     * [NOC-2472] - Inaccurate message when the usage report is empty.

  •     * [NOC-2476] - Innovative/eLations API - Add retry logic for handling API failures.

  •     * [NOC-2490] - Reload between instances for scripts that cycle through multiple instances.


New Features

  •     * [NOC-2123] - Support for Alvarion/Telrad BreezeMax

  •     * [NOC-2250] - Push procera traffic classificaiton to NISC

  •     * [NOC-2252] - DSL Max Attainable Intelligence Report

  •     * [NOC-2254] - Aggregated Intelligence Report

  •     * [NOC-2277] - Edgewave audit and cleanup script

  •     * [NOC-2311] - Add provisioning support for Calix AE E7 Northbound API (non-qinq)

  •     * [NOC-2346] - Customer Specific Report - Max Attainable Rate with Suffer Score

  •     * [NOC-2368] - Calix E7 AE - FB video provisioning ability

  •     * [NOC-2370] - Calix E7 AE - Show Port and MAC mapping doesn't work on single shelf setup

  •     * [NOC-2404] - FH Support for Cambium ePMP2000

  •     * [NOC-2406] - Customer Acquisition / Mapping Module

  •     * [NOC-2411] - Service address / GPS coordinate tracking. 

  •     * [NOC-2420] - Add max attainable (upload / download) fields to broadband api search

  •     * [NOC-2428] - E7 RSG Provisioning Non-Functioning in Web API

  •     * [NOC-2447] - Intelligence Reports - Add 'Unmatched IPs' report

  •     * [NOC-2480] - ONT Failure Tracking - Part 1 - Backend

  •     * [NOC-2483] - ONT Report model column breaks with multiple companies on report

  •     * [NOC-2484] - Add ability for single IPs or smaller subnets in traffic classification



  •     * [NOC-2337] - Add 24 hour performance stats to Adtran DSL show circuit output

  •     * [NOC-2353] - Demo logo changes



  •     * [NOC-292] - Push name changes into description field in access gear for E7

  •     * [NOC-860] - Reorganize how wired vlans table passes args to E7 provisioning. 

  •     * [NOC-1855] - E7 Customization - remove ONT on ONT swaps sometimes

  •     * [NOC-2037] - Module Search - Change results to links.

  •     * [NOC-2065] - CambiumPMP100 - disable radio on delete

  •     * [NOC-2107] - Include Wireless Modem Management IP in Global Search results

  •     * [NOC-2142] - ATi - Add ONT uptime and bridged/routed status to show.

  •     * [NOC-2215] - Make suffer score text colored

  •     * [NOC-2216] - Color historical usage values with usage tier colors

  •     * [NOC-2219] - Move lease information so it is visible without scrolling after clicking the show links.

  •     * [NOC-2220] - Independent merge script for learned IPs table

  •     * [NOC-2258] - Phone Switch Provisioning - Add support for multiple gateways

  •     * [NOC-2264] - Allow user portal login via NOC360

  •     * [NOC-2270] - Add device discovery for Calix E5-110

  •     * [NOC-2271] - Add device discovery for Calix E5-120

  •     * [NOC-2272] - Add device discovery for Calix E5-111

  •     * [NOC-2273] - Add device discovery for Calix E3-12C

  •     * [NOC-2307] - Add Upload and Download speed information to the Broadband Service Statistics pages

  •     * [NOC-2308] - Dashboard - Top Operating Systems chart always shows if Procera

  •     * [NOC-2315] - Cable - ability to label speeds DOCSIS 3.1 and enforce speed use to supported modems

  •     * [NOC-2316] - Radius - SetGroup NOC API call fails with 'internal error' in edge case

  •     * [NOC-2349] - Device Discovery for Calix B6 GPON

  •     * [NOC-2356] - Add account flag to bulk traffic classification script

  •     * [NOC-2360] - Make cable voice TFTP template more configurable.

  •     * [NOC-2364] - Add "Top 10" Traffic Sources pie chart to user portal

  •     * [NOC-2371] - E7 - Force ONT resets.

  •     * [NOC-2376] - Make modem billing types company specific

  •     * [NOC-2407] - ASR1000 - Preserve static IPs setup directly on the sub interface.

  •     * [NOC-2413] - Fishhook - Allow wireless device classes to use alternate key fields.

  •     * [NOC-2416] - ISPN - Add customer phone numbers to imported ticket descriptions.

  •     * [NOC-2421] - Intelligence Reports - Add subscriber type filter to Revenue Leakage, Speed Mismatch and Suffer Report

  •     * [NOC-2422] - Global Search - Search matches on different company results

  •     * [NOC-2424] - Add more info to E7 port state

  •     * [NOC-2429] - Improve User Info page load time

  •     * [NOC-2436] - Calix E7 DSL Provisioning - IP Host support for multiple cards

  •     * [NOC-2439] - Create way to bind entries in IP Tracking to Subscriber

  •     * [NOC-2445] - Add provisioned upload/download speed to broadband search API call. 

  •     * [NOC-2448] - Dashboard - Top Users by Volume - change known users to use same logic as intelligence report

  •     * [NOC-2467] - Calix E7 ASR Port List Can Take a Long Time

  •     * [NOC-2481] - Reporting - Edge case with new year can cause charting not to render

  •     * [NOC-2488] - New Alexa Responses

  •     * [NOC-2489] - Backend for ISP Level Traffic Classification Stats for Rio

  •     * [NOC-2494] - E7 GPON Ability to Provision eth-sec-profile to non-default profile

  •     * [NOC-2496] - E7 DSL IP Host for Single Card Installs Gets Messed Up

  •     * [NOC-2506] - NC Module - API search doesn't allow RO permission

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