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Future Labs

Welcome to 7Sigma Future Labs!

Want a sneak peek at something awesome in the making? That's what our Future Labs is all about. This is your backstage pass to the cutting-edge products, features, and services we're testing before their official rollout as part of your existing NOC360 or 7Sigma Solution.

Think of Future Labs as our experimental playground! This is where we push boundaries and test out groundbreaking ideas. Some might blossom into the next big thing, while others become valuable lessons that fuel future innovations. Either way, we want you to be a

part of it all! 

What to expect from 7Sigma Future Labs: 

  • Sneak peeks: Be among the first to experience potential game-changers before anyone else.

  • Limited availability: These offerings are like rare collectibles, available for a short time only. 

  • Early access advantage: Help shape the future with your valuable feedback.

Important notes:

  • Testing in progress: Remember, these are works in progress, so expect some bumps along the way.

  • Potential fees: Although there are no fees to experience Future Labs, the products themslives may be available for an additional charge. 

  • Not all ideas make it: Some concepts, while exciting, might not see the light of day.

  • Feedback is welcome and encouraged: Share your thoughts, but we reserve the right to choose how we incorporate them.

  • Feedback ownership: Anything you share becomes part of our creative journey.

Our Newest Innovation: NOC360 AI

Our new, cutting edge AI layer leverages the comprehensive data integration capabilities of NOC360 to deliver real-time subscriber and network insights, making it the first in the industry to empower ISPs and carriers to optimize operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This new innovation analyzes a vast sea of information with unparalleled accuracy and speed, generating insights previously unobtainable.

This new AI layer for NOC360 delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Up to 70% Shorter Subscriber Call Times

  • Significantly Reduced CSR Training Times

  • Proactive Threat Detection

  • Personalized Subscriber Insights

  • Intelligent Network Optimization

  • Real-time Anomaly Detection

Users of NOC360 will see the AI layer built into their software. Those interested can book a demo or contact us. With this revolutionary innovation, 7Sigma is proud to empower ISPs and carriers to unlock the full potential of their networks and deliver exceptional value to their subscribers.

Ready to see the Future? Check your release notes for new Future Labs releases!

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