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Managed Security

Ensure your network achieves the baseline requirements for funding and security - without having to hire!

The success of your business depends on its security.  Our expert team can ensure you have the tools in place to keep your network and business safe from cyber attacks and ransomware threats. We will ensure your cybersecurity plan meets or exceeds the baselines required for funding. And, best of all, you'll be working with seasoned cybersecurity experts, without having to hire or reallocate important resources elsewhere. 

  • Risk assessment and security audit: As part of our initial engagement, a lightweight security audit will identify any vulnerabilities, weak spots, or exposed points in your security and processes.  We’ll provide you with a clear list of steps to mitigate these risks and help you implement those steps.

  • Automated backup: We can help automate your backup processes to speed up recovery in the event of a lost element, configuration or an attack. 

  • Firewall and DDoS: We’ll help manage your firewall and DDoS solutions to keep these in tip top shape to prevent any malicious engagement. 

  • Internal and external monitoring: We’ll help you set up monitoring and we’ll also monitor from the outside just in case your network stops trafficking and your internal systems don’t alert you.  

  • BGP: Our BGP monitoring solution makes BGP hijacking or misconfigurations easier and faster to resolve. 

  • Network patches: we know patching networks is critical so we’ll help patch your networks if and when needed.   

  • Virtual CISO: Engage with a vCISO on a regular basis to ensure that as technologies change and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, you have the right tools to ensure your network security remains strong and your systems remain safe.

Protect your network today.


Management and Patching



Patch Management

DNS & DHCP Services

Virtual CISO

Network Monitoring

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Management & Monitoring

PEN Testing

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Automated Network Backups

Cybersecurity & Supply Chain

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Vulnerability Assessments

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